Friday, July 16, 2010

arts & crafts day with the nan

the other day, nan phoned up and said that she had bought some shirts for the mabster to come over and paint on. she wanted to have their own little "one-on-one arts and crafts day." i thought it was the sweetest cutest idea ever and knew that the mabster would absolutely love it. so around 2:30pm, i dropped her off at the nan's house. as soon as the mabster walked through the door, she asked nan for a marshmallow cookie (a staple at the nan's house). it was super duper cute when nan laughed and headed straight to her cabinet. shortly after, they got started. here are the "before" as you can see, the nan provided three different tank tops for her to paint on. two of the shirts were painted using stencils and the other was painted in a free hand style with a side of the mabster's own imagination. nan reported that she did beautifully. that she didn't help her or paint a drop on the shirts...that all of it was done by the 3-year-old's skill. i was impressed and proud. they all really turned out great and i know she enjoyed her time with nan. now "arts & crafts" day will become a monthly event with of course a different craft each time. one day lyla will be able to join in on the fun as well...once she is old enough and capable of sitting still because i know she will enjoy it just the same. lastly, here are the "after" pics of the mabster's creation. picasso, move over!