Saturday, July 10, 2010

auntie jess is in town!

on monday, auntie jess came into town for a visit and as usual stayed with us downstairs in what the mabster calls, "auntie jess' room." see the great thing about her being a teacher is that she gets summers off and quality time with her favorite nieces (see i can say that right now...because "favorite" also means "only"). we were excited to see her because we know how busy she is with grad school and everything in between. as soon as she arrived and came up the stairs, she had gifts for the girls. she told the mabster that she was going to look like a "mini-auntie jess" as she fixed her hair with a super cute headband and put panda (alpha love, baby!) earrings on her. she absolutely loved it and was so happy to see her auntie jess. here are some pics that were taken throughout her auntie jess stayed and played with us all week. at one point, jay tried to talk her into not going home and staying with us as our "live in babysitter." he tried to convince her that the downstairs was hers. unfortunately, priorities and obligations are more established and she laughed it off. hate when those things get in the way. oh well, we tried. overall, we really enjoyed her visit, especially the girls. they chased her around the house countless times and the chatter between auntie jess and the mabster was certainly hilarious. lastly, here's a picture that the mabster took of us. she's becoming a pro with the camera...wonder where she gets that from? hmmmm...we love you, auntie jess...until next time!! XOXO