Friday, July 23, 2010

birthday play day with tita karmie

tita karmie wanted to take the mabster out for the day in honor of her 4th birthday. she let the birthday girl pick out where they ate for lunch, and she chose "old macdonald's." soon after, they went to the bookstore where the mabster picked out two books to bring home. but of course, she chose two disney princess ones (one of which was cinderella's fairy tale wedding which included white gloves, a wedding veil, and a sparkly diamond ring). after the bookstore, they went shopping at old navy where tita karmie bought her two dresses, two pairs of flip-flops, and a cute lil ball cap. after that they went swimming at their nearby YMCA and out for ice cream at cold stone cremery where the mabster ate blueberry yogurt with strawberries, bananas, sprinkles, and white chocolate chips. the day was winding down and they ended up at tita karmie's house for a bit where she received a mani and pedi of yellow toenail polish with green glitter on top (go blazers!).lastly, tita karmie drove her back home after a day of major birthday spoilage. the mabster showed and told me everything that they did after lyla hugged her as soon as she walked through the door. she missed her little play buddy. all in all, the birthday girl had absolutely no problem falling asleep that night, and we are more than appreciative for having a kickass tita karmie. i wish i had one...