Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dinner with friends

tonight we ate a lovely dinner at BM's house in "montgomery" :D (it'll never get old). YB picked me and my crew up at 4:00pm and together we loaded up all the kiddos in her car and drove over to casa de bluemomma's. see this is why third row seating is crucial...we arrive and soon after, the hubbies do too. the munchkins are all playing well. the big kids are playing outside while the little ones stay inside. BM cooked us the best lasagna to enter my mouth (no lie, i'm really not "just saying that" was MONEY!!!) along with salad,cheese bread, and turtle caramel pie. everything was delicious and we all had a great time. thank you for having us, BM. you know we love and appreciate you even though we made fun of you half the time we were there...that's what friends are for. hehe. here are some pics...