Sunday, July 11, 2010

family date day

today we woke up, ate breakfast, and then jay worked on his manscape (aka mowed the yard) while i cleaned house and did a couple of loads of laundry. we decided to stay home, be productive, and enjoy some quality family time instead of heading up to the lake. and quite honestly, i'm sick of water and all the preparations that comes with it (sunscreen, floaties, change of clothes, etc). today was going to be a bit of a breathe easy staycation.

so we got everything done. two o'clock rolls around and we're feeling accomplished and good. shortly after, we decided to have a "family date night" where we ate dinner at red lobster and then saw toy story 3 at the rave theater. dinner was SO good considering the girls sat still and were the best they've ever been in a restaurant. after wards, he headed over to the theater where the girls threw pennies into the wishing fountain (this is a must once their little eyes catch sight of a water fountain).

so we order tickets, meet up with big B and mitchelle (who were having a daddy/daughter date) and all sit together. jay ordered me a drink, and i was stoked that i finally got the eclipse collectors cup. it only took going to see Toy Story 3 to get one, but I'll take it! soon the movie started and we all put our 3D glasses on. the girls looked sooo incredibly cute wearing them, and i was surprised that they (especially lyla) kept them on throughout the whole movie. at one point, sweet little lyla fell asleep on daddy. i'm not gonna lie when i say that i was jealous and wished it was me holding that sweet baby. thankfully, he gave her to me later on. overall, the movie was great. i just love a good story line that's meaningful and true. the mabster and big B laughed their little heads off at certain parts, and did i mention that i cried? yup, sure did. see the movie, i bet you will too. and if you don't at least tear up...i don't know how you live. at the end of the day, it was time well spent with the ones i love.