Sunday, July 18, 2010

family day at the mcwane

we just can't seem to sit still can we? i know. it's habit, i swear. might as well while we still have the energy, right? most days at least. anyhooters, this sunday we decided to stay home instead of the lake since the forecast called for rain. instead we headed indoors to the mcwane center to freshen up our membership. funny fact: i've always taken the girls by myself or jay has...but never have we all gone as a family. things are done better as a family, true? true. so we head straight up to the 3rd floor where the mr. potato head exhibit is. the girls love this floor and for many reasons. we play around every where and make our very own mrs. potato head equipped with pink hair and one arm holding her purse. here are some pics...after playing around for awhile, we headed over to the next floor where the mabster acted as if she were the weather forecaster on the local news station. it was cute. lots of "strong winds" were in her predictions. after wards, we walked over to the funnest thing ever. i can't believe that this was our first time to play with the needle indention thingy. it was SOO funny. we'd push all of the needles to one side, and then jay would smush his head and the girls' heads into place. in the first pic of the blue needles, take a look at lyla. clearly she is being shoved against her will into this thing as her mouth is wide open (no worries, i made her gurgle germ-x shortly after), and abby has hands out first. in the second picture of the red needles, jay made his own masterpiece. again, hilarious and so fun.we made our way to the next floor where we let the girls touch the sharks in the shark tank and look at the fishies. they didn't want to touch the sharks, but at least daddy did. as for climbing into the big fish, well that's what they did. here are some pics...lastly, we made our way to the next floor where the main lobby is attached to the parking deck. jay and i worked together as a team to build the catenary arch and no sooner than i take the completion picture, the whole thing falls to the floor. at least it was erect for the pic. "that's what she said." overall, it was a great family outing and the first time that we've hit up every floor. crazy, no? usually we just head to one place and stay there for a couple of hours. today: we defeated the mcwane.