Sunday, July 25, 2010

family reunion 2010

on sunday, we drove up to the lake for the williamson family reunion at jones chapel from noon till 2:00pm. like every year, it's potluck where you bring a dish and your family. it's pretty much casserole heaven, and we always look forward to it. lol. we arrive, say hello's, chase kids, quiet them down, and then say blessing before eating lunch. it was kinda sad to hear the many deaths that took place within our extended family this year, but felt good to hear when the older ladies told us that having our little kids around made them feel good. lola agreed and told them that it helps her to feel young. gotta love it. jay and the girls posed for a quick pic with mamaw while cousin carson shoved a whole roll in his mouth. soon after, tita karmie rendered herself defeated as she tried to eat one last cupcake. it was hilarious. not to mention, that the kids got to pick out a surprise from the table, and the adults got to pick out beautiful flowers. here are some pics...after the reunion was over, we all drove down to the lakehouse. we suited up the kids and got ready for a swim. after saturday's festivities, it was nice just to relax. soon SA and LT came over for a visit, and jay took us all out for a cruise around the lake. dude, i almost forgot how much i love and have missed it...the wind in my hair, an awesome ipod playlist, and the wonder of god's country surrounding us felt amazing. this is by far my favorite thing about going to the lake. just cruising around, thinking, and letting troubles roll of of you. it's like damn therapy for a hectic life. mommy lovey.