Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy 4th birthday, mabster!!

today abby turned four. it was kinda funny when she woke up this morning and while half asleep/half excited, she asked...

mabster: "mommy, am i four today?"
me: "sure are."
mabster: "like right now?"
me: "yep, right now you are four!"
mabster: "oh, great!!"

god, i love that kid. so the day starts off with birthday kisses and hugs. daddy leaves for work while we start getting ready to head on over to the hoover library where we met friends for the summer reading finale. upon parking our car, YB, big B, and CJ walk up with a birthday surprise for the mabster: balloons and a bag of ring pops. such sweet sweet friends, i say...thoughtful as all get out. hehe. so the production started at 10:30am where the Madcap Puppets presented Annie Oakley's Wild West Show. we watched the hilarious characters, tall tales and spine-tingling stunts bring American history to life like never before. the only thing taller than these tales were the giant puppets! it was cute and funny. the mabster thought "it was hilarious," while lyla sat there and laughed too. here are some pics...after the puppet show, we grabbed some lunch and then came home. i laid lyla down for her nap, and soon it was time for the mabster's gymnastics. daddy came home early and surprised her with her birthday present (which by the way, she asked about ALL.DAY.LONG). she was beyond happy when she opened her eyes and saw what it was...disney princesses meets barbie...two of her MOST favorite things right now. it's almost like the stars purposely aligned in her favor when seeing this at target.so after gymnastics, we drove over to 280 to finally experience the wonder that is yogurt mountain. oh, it was awesome. the girls were in heaven. the mabster was as giddy as a schoolgirl as she got to choose from over 50 toppings and create her own frozen yogurt creation. everyone inhaled their own personal favorite, including little lyla (although admittedly, she did kinda end up wearing half of it). why, oh why, have we not been to this heaven of a place sooner!?! highly recommend it. later, we actually ate some substance at chappy's for dinner...the best deli in the salty 'ham. see only on your birthday can you eat dessert first. overall, the mabster had a great day...so great that she even shared her princesses with baby sis. **GASP** i know, it really was impressive. we love you, mabster!! XOXO


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Awww....happy birthday sweet girl!!!