Saturday, July 31, 2010

jessi's 30th birthday dinner

so after brand and lisa's shindig, jay and i headed over to brio's for dinner around 7:30pm in honor of jessi's 30th birthday. it was a special event considering that we haven't seen each other in months since the birthday girl lives in pennsylvania and came into town just for her special day. it really did feel nice to catch up with everyone since our days in sorority and college are long long gone. we had some of the BEST times together, and it was fun to have hubster there to chime in on some of the memories that were made at the music hall our freshman year...even our "nasty dancer" emily peers was there, and courty flew in from cali. also, talley surprised the birthday girls with a chocolate/peanut butter cake from edgar's. it was delicious. here are some pics...furthermore, dinner was excellent and the company felt like reliving old times again. that's what i love about these girls...even though we don't see each other as much as we would like, we can always pick up like absolutely no time has kept us apart. this next picture is of the original CV's ("CV" stands for colonial village because that's the apartment off 280 where jessi, courty, and talley use to live during college...we practically lived there too since we always got ready before every event there, slumber parties, etc.) it was great to be reunited again since the last time we all came together was for jessi's wedding last year. now we get to see each other again at the end of this month for slammy's wedding. overall, happy dirty 30 to jessi and julie...and LONG LIVE THE CVs!!! love you bitches.