Saturday, July 17, 2010

kid friendly cookout

saturday night, tom and brooke hosted a little cookout get together at their house from 4:00 - 8:00pm. it was a rain or shine event and lots of fun for kids of all ages. i'd have to say that (other than tailgates), this was one of the first playdates where all of our college friends' kids got together for some fun. it was pretty funny to see how much the munchkins resemble their fathers/mothers. oh, the stories we will one day tell them! lol. the kiddos played inside the whole time while some of the guys hung out on the back porch shooting the breeze. tom grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers as everyone discussed the future tailgate plans for UAB's upcoming football season. here are some pics...towards the end of the night, we all headed downstairs for more fun. the little ones enjoyed playing in the playroom and inside the ball pit as some of the guys tried to shoot the balls through the holes of the tent. next thing we know, everybody is pegging each other with the little plastic balls, and admittedly, i may or may not have decked tony with a heavy ball to his jaw. which in my defense, i place full blame on haswell because he was the one who was handing me all of the balls and snuck in the heavy one in the heat of the moment. oh well. sorry tony. i still feel slightly bad about. ever so slightly. hehe. later, the girls jumped inside the miniature bounce house while the guys played a game of ping-pong on the pool table. overall, the night was a blast. we really enjoyed ourselves and i know the kids did as well. crazy how these college get-togethers are becoming so PG. the days they are a flyin'...