Saturday, July 10, 2010

lindsay & haswell's baby shower

saturday night, we helped co-host a co-ed baby shower for our friends, lindsay and haswell. the shower started at 6:00pm and was held at tony and maloney's house. tony grilled out hamburgers while maloney made the sides and decorated like a damn god. seriously, they are pros at this kind of thing. never doubt their abilities. maloney also made a raspberry beer cocktail and it was awesome (important fact: i loathe beer. so yes, it was that good). she also had some o'douls for the soon-to-be-mom, it was classic. everyone just enjoyed chilling and socializing all night. later, lindsay and haswell opened up their gifts as squeals filled the room. it's kinda crazy to think the next baby wave of our college friends is well under way. we can't wait to meet sweet baby greer, and congrats again, you guys!


BlessedMom said...

She's so cute pregnant! Send my congrats to her and Jeremiah (Haswell) :)!

Kim said...

will do, devon! i swear we know too many of the same people. small world, but i love it!