Saturday, July 31, 2010

lisa & brand's summer party 2010

saturday, the summer party of 2010 kicked off at the brand's home around 4:00pm. they had the most awesomest set up i have ever seen. from a huge pool in the driveway to slip-n-slides, corn hole, volleyball, pork grilling, cupcake heaven (thanks to katie b. roncadori), and everything in between, it was overflowing with "good times." here are some pics...shortly after arriving, we all jump in the pool. the water felt great...i'm just glad i didn't get back in it by the end of the night considering everyone stayed in there for hours and yet no one got out to pee...yet everyone had been drinking all day. hmmmm...blech. anyhooters, so everyone starts doing the "whirlpool" as they circled behind each other. floaties and drinks were definitely not safe. BOOM!! here are some pics...lisa even dressed up their dog "lulu" in the old bikini i brought. it's amazing how a simple status is made on facebook, and then a plan comes together. frank set up the huge slip-n-slide in the front yard where chance tested it out. last but certainly not least, i may or may not have molested edward when karla maria brought out the twilight cut out that was living inside their garage. also please notice that KM is pulling the heisman on bella's face so that she can get her sugary kisses all up on jacob. good times, i tell ya...good times.