Friday, July 16, 2010

"riding along on a carousel...trying to catch up to you..."

the other day we met up with some friends (KM, keri, whitney, and kristi) at the galleria around 11:00am. we sat down and ate lunch at the food court where kolee-brook and lyla picked at each other's food. after lunch, we let the kiddos ride the carousel. which btw, the girls absolutely LOVE. both of them were SO excited as they shrieked "weeeee" along with the tune of the music and the up and down motion of the horses.

later, we walked around and did a wee bit of some shopping. let's just say that when we all walked into learning express with all the kids, i thought to myself, "well this should be fun once we have to leave and put everything back up that my kids are grasping tightly on to..." babydoll in on hand, ball in the other. needless to say, i snatched said toys, placed back on shelf, and got the heck outta dodge. luckily, meltdowns were averted. whew, that was a close one...