Thursday, July 15, 2010

thursday's thoughts

as promised, now back to your regular thursday viewing. let's begin, shall we...

1.) My mom and dad have just joined the facebook. I do declare hell hath frozen overeth. #WickedAwesome

2.) When your cute little stick figure family takes up the whole back windshield, someone needs to remind you that it's a vagina, not a clown car.

3.) Love the Real Housewives. Like whoa. So Hubs has always said that Jacqueline on #RHNJ reminds him of me. After tonight's episode, I will take that as a compliment. Broad rocks!

4.) Hubs is taking the girls to gymnastics while I get to soak up and hold a new baby. #CantFlippinWait!

5.) "If you have love, you have everything." #CheesyButTrue #TheBachelorette

6.) The tall one just licked me. After yelling at her and saying, "gross!"...the short one proceeds to do the same exact thing. #MonkeySee...

7.) RT @anjeanettec: "Vampire Facelift" uses blood to get rid of wrinkles. Enough with vampire shit! Can't we go back to when everyone pretended they were Borat?

8.) "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be..." #MusicMonday #YesIHaveKids

9.) Bum day with a side of laundry.

10.) Jay worked on his manscape all morning & walked through the door soaking wet. Did it rain and I missed it? #SweatMuch?

11.) Purging most toys in preparation of the girls' upcoming birthdays. #OutWithTheOldInWithTheNew

12.) Why must I suffer under the same blanket with a man who's flatulence is absolutely disgusting tonight? He laughs, I cry. #NeedADogHouse

13.) Headed to shower baby Greer. Most likely with beer. Because that's how we roll. Fo' shizzle, word.

14.) Headed to celebrate the birth of the zexy @YankeBell. Ahh, 35 ripe years. Perfect age between a kitten & a cougar. #Meow #Purrr #Hiss

15.) Mabster says: "Auntie Jess said you dropped me when I was little & that's why I have a crack." #AllInGoodHumor

16.) lola called. got her uverse all set up, and then proceeded to exclaim that now they have free "yahoo." FREE, people!! #IHeartLola

17.) If my kid jumps in the pool once, she jumps in it 50 more times. Same encouragement needed each time. Never gets old, I tell ya. #Sarcasm

18.) Absolutely adores when the little one squeezes my hand and says, "Go!" as she leads me to what she wants. #DemandingLittleDarling

19.) "It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness." - Charles Sprugeon

20.) Computer time (aka "me time") in a quiet house > rocky road ice cream. #ThatSaysAlot

21.) RT @anjeanettec: In court, Lindsay Lohan wore nail polish that read "Fuck You." Evidently, it should have read "Fuck Me."

22.) Whilst at lunch, Auntie Jess asked the mabster, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" She replied, "A dinosaur." Daddy said, "Like BM?"

23.) early last week i caught a 24 hour tummy bug. i thought i was going to die. seriously. here are the combined tweets of that situation: No sleep. Lots of yacking. No energy. Pounding headache. Laying on floor as my kids play around me. This must feel just like death. #NeedMommy Hubster just got home to rescue me. Now it's time to catch up on some sleep in hopes of regaining strength & energy. #CanIGetAnAmen? 103.7 as in fever. Not the radio station. Geeze louise when the hell will this end? On the flip side: 8 pounds lighter than yesterday. Is well showered and feels like a million bucks! Now time for lunch with Hubs at Chappy's. #ThankYouSweetBabyJesus

24.) Oldest is golfing & swimming with Daddy. The youngest & I are cleaning & doing laundry. #HowIsThisFairAgain?

25.) Reunited with the eliptical today. My legs hate me & the hips don't lie. #ButDamnItFeltGood

26.) If I had a nickel every time I said "Be careful" today...

27.) I love my kids. They're just like me. Obviously that's a good thing, right? #ShutYoMouth #OfCourseItIs

28.) Appreciates Jay's smoking ass. And by smoking ass, I mean grilling a Boston butt. #Yay4thOfJulyWeekend

29.) RT @CafeSmom: Model for your children the behavior you want to see in them. Children tend to imitate parental behaviors. Want a positive kid. Be positive!

30.) The toddler has been fighting her nap all day. Scoreboard reads: Lyla- 1 Nap- 0

31.) last night, we enjoyed dinner at Chuy's with our high school BFF. Thankfully because of the FB, we had muchos to talk about. #GoodTimes

32.) Arts and Crafts Day with the Nan. Can't wait to see the finished results. #MoveOverPicasso