Thursday, July 22, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Fancies myself to be a strange bird considering how much satisfaction I receive from vacuuming. #DontJudgeMeICanDoItOnMyOwn

2.) Dear Princess Tiana, my apologies for the 4 y/o dousing your beautiful black hair with baby powder. She insists that you will smell prettier.

3.) RT @CafeSmom: Strange but true; I have started looking forward to going to the dentist because it's time alone. Refuse to feel guilty about that. #BanGuilt

4.) Dinner of Birthday Champions: Yogurt Mountain

5.) i like to think that i am helping my child keep an open-mind with loving every ethnicity by buying her asian, black, blonde and red-headed barbies... that said, her least favorite is mulan. considering i am half Filipino, i feel slightly insulted. but then i just simply chalk it up to her's not as sparkly. c'mon now, we gotta think like a 4 y/o when it comes to these things, right?

6.) RT @capricecrane: If Oksana was $marter she wouldn't release Mel's rants bit by bit. She'd remix them with a Drake song and drop an album.

7.) Went to Hoover library to watch the Wild Wild West puppet show. This gal really appreciates super corny acting for kids. #NoSeriously #IDo

8.) Thinks it's randomly funny when the birthday girl talks in third person. For example, "Abby is four. Abby want her surprise." #WhoIsThisKid?

9.) I vant to go to Tahiti. I vant, I vant, I vant!!! #TheBachelorette

10.) Jay is watching it with me. He said he just threw up in his mouth...I am dying laughing. Who does that!? @msklk08: WTH Frank? #bachelorette

11.) RT @SarcasmSociety: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when the beholder isn’t delusional there really isn’t room for subjectivity.

12.) Weather calls for highs at 100 on Saturday. This fact is further confirmation for why my kid will be having an indoor birthday party this year. #ReadyToGetMySkateOn

13.) The sucktitude of my vacuum cleaner is much more impressive after removing 10 lbs of dust & smacks. Vomit.

14.) Laughing as the nearly 2 year old pounces & rough houses with the nearly 4 year old. #JiuJitsuThis #IPlaceFullBlameOnDaddy

15.) Matilda: my child's newest addiction. #ThanksNetflix

16.) RT @capricecrane: "Paris Hilton Busted for Pot... Again." I picture her giggling and applauding herself saying, "Yay! Headlines! Me too!"

17.) Dear rain, my crunchy discolored grass thanks you from the bottom of it's thirsty roots. #RainIsAGoodThing

18.) Cracks up when IMing with Hubs while he's at work & says something that makes him blush as he quickly clears off the screen. #CheekyMonkey

19.) RT @capricecrane: Casual Friday is meaningless when you don't have a regular office job. Pantsless Friday is meaningful no matter what.

20.) The toddler has been fighting her nap all day. Scoreboard reads: Lyla- 1 Nap- 0

21.) last week, our air conditioner's capacitor broke. here are those tweets: Is in the depths of fiery hell that is broken air conditioning in 97 degree Bama heat. #DearGodHaveMercy Playing at cousin Carson's house. Because that's where air conditioning lives. #HipHipHooray!! luckily, uncle germy and felix came over asap and fixed it for us. it was awesome and we are beyond appreciative. thank you, thank you!!

22.) RT @CafeSmom: Model for your children the behavior you want to see in them. Children tend to imitate parental behaviors. Want a positive kid? Be positive!

23.) via jay's FB status: Words of wisdom from my 4yo @ dinner, "daddy, goldilocks rhymes with buttocks."

24.) today the mabster is spending the day with tita karmie, poolside, in celebration of her birthday. as for this's SLAMMED-PACKED. let the fun begin!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Number 23 cracks me up!!!