Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tuesday's thoughts

so i have decided to pull you guys up to speed since i have neglected my "thursday's thoughts" for the past month. my sincerest apologies. being busy is an understatement. i digress. below are some tweets that are nearly 2-3 weeks old that i don't want to be forgotten. what's that you say? but of course thursday will resume back to normal with a whole new set! excited, no? of course you are. please, pull up a seat...

1.) the other day while helping the mabster put shorts on, she reacted in a way i would have never imagined...she starts crying, pouting, and screaming, "i'm taking these off...i don't look like a lady!!" oh lawd. girly girl much? i think so.

2.) Dear stewardess, next time you pronounce "Alabama" in a redneck manner, be prepared to get punched in the ovaries. #IKid #KidneysAreBetter

3.) "Condoms for Kindergartners" a new program that lets any student access condoms. Because you don't need to know how to spell sex to have it.

4.) tweets the night of watching eclipse:
* Some sneak in booze. Others? Babies. @YankeBell @amyloboda baby/theater/midnight = GET SITTER. However, never heard a peep. Thx sweet baby.

* Nailed it. @beccafj: Twilight's like soccer. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores & its billion fans insist you just don't understand.

* "she's gonna need her toes some day...and let's face it, I'm hotter than you." #Eclipse #TeamShirtlessJacob

* Welcome to the taco market, please pull up a seat @YankeBell @Mommatootoo #Eclipse #SurroundedByTweenTwihards

* Dedication: a lady who brings her newborn to the midnight showing of Eclipse. #Seriously?Really?

5.) Hola Miami. Donde esta closest el bano, por favor? #GottaPissLikeARacehorse

6.) There are few times when I question hubster's intelligence. For example, arriving to the airport 3 hours early is 1 of them. #BoredShitless

7.) RT @capricecrane: Lance Armstrong revealed this Tour De France will be his last, again. Not even Brett Favre believes him anymore.

8.) The people here drive on the wrong side of the road and it flippin' freaks me out. #DontLikeChange

9.) Still in bed. No alarm clocks to wake us up. And by alarm clocks, I mean kids. Which oddly enough, I really miss. #GoFigure

10.) So spoiled & so tired...not sure if I have the strength to push through the fatigue & head to Iggie's for the "Liquid Sunsine" band. #OldHag Instead Movie night: National Treasury 2. Back in room with back rubs included. #ImACuddler

11.) The hubster is capital D to the runk and makes friends wherever he goes. #IPityHisWife #DrunkenDebauchery

12.) Today 5 years ago, my dad at our wedding toasted to us saying, "May all your problems be little ones...with small feet." #SuchAWiseOldMan

13.) Appreciates and loves the fact that the pilot played "Easy like Sunday morning" over the intercom as we landed. #HelloParadiseImExhausted

14.) Delayed 3 hours...if it weren't for technology, I may be highly annoyed. Or asleep. #AppleStoreLovesMe

15.) Is amazed at how much more space is left in the suitcases when only packing for two. #ImTooExcitedToSleep

16.) Best sign of Success: The little one has already passed out, and we haven't even made it out of the parking lot. #ScoreBeyotch

17.) Note to self: In 5 years, I want hardwoods throughout the whole house. #KidsAreAHotMess #MyCarpetLooksLikeAss #OnlySoMuchSteamVacCanDo

18.) The Mabster told me, "Mommy, I want to marry a prince." I want that for you too, my sweet child. #TooManyDisneyMovies

19.) RT @PAT4CCR: Take time to laugh ... it's the music of the soul. ~Anonymous

20.) Gooo Blazers!! RT @UABathletics: Congratulations to former UAB men's golfer Graeme McDowell for winning the 2010 U.S. Open!

21.) Finally able to sit still & catch up on all things DVRed. And it feels good. #SundayBumday Been watching #RealHousewives all damn day. all the drama makes me feel so tense. note to self: must watch in small intermittent doses.

22.) RT @ConanOBrien: The past 2 months I’ve been on tour and haven’t followed the news. What’s with all the photos of chocolate pelicans?

23.) a couple of weeks ago, jay lost his wedding ring. here are those tweets: While looking for Daddy's lost wedding band, the 3 y/o says "I have little friends that can help you find it." #MidgetMafia After searching through the trash, toys bins, couches, car trunks, & everywhere in between..I found his ring!!! Had fallen in bottom drawer. shortly after, we high-fived and i was told that "that's why he keeps me around." well lucky me!

24.) today we ate lunch with tita karmie and then shopped for a bit at target. tita karmie helped us pick out some super cute shoes for lyla on clearance, and then later we all walked through the toys section. the mabster came across the disney princess barbies set were she nearly peed herself, she was so excited. i told her that if she were a good girl, she might get them for her birthday. she then says (and i quote), "i know...i know my daddy." ummm, wow. pretty spot on if you ask me.

25.) RT @PAT4CCR: You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once. ~Polish Proverb


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Love #12! :)

Kim said...

ahhh, yes. my dad's quote still stays with me...every day. :D