Saturday, August 28, 2010

slammy and jeremy's wedding

saturday, karla maria and i rode together again over to matthews manor where the special bride and groom were to be wed. we arrived at 3:00pm where we headed straight to the bride's room to get ready and the such. it didn't take long at all for us to throw on our pink cosmopolitan chiffon tea length dresses, and soon we were all helping slammy get into hers. she looked absolutely beautiful. she even wore her mother's (momma kay) own veil that was nearly 40 years old. once everyone was dressed to perfection, we all headed outside to take some wedding pictures. here are just a few that i took on my own weather couldn't seem to make up it's mind. it would rain, then stop. rinse and repeat. luckily, it held out for a majority of the time when we were taking the big bridal party pic in the gazebo. unfortunately, minutes before the ceremony was to start at 6:00pm, the sky crazily fell out. hard. and it looked like it wasn't going to stop. my heart then began to hurt for slammy because we all knew how bad she wanted the ceremony outside beside the gazebo. so her wedding coordinator asks her what she wants to do. after discussing with her groom-to-be, they decide to just have it pushed under the pavilion instead of making their guests "wait it out" for the rain to stop. they were happy with their decision and the ceremony was short, sweet, and beautiful. best news all day though? i wore high heels on wet cement and rose petals and didn't even slip and fall. score! although the groomsman i was paired up with said he would catch me if disaster should occur. crisis averted. here are some pics of the actual wedding ceremony that jay took for me...the ceremony ends and the reception favorite thing about weddings! i can't tell you how fast i slipped of the heels and threw on my flip-flops. my feet were already killing me. so we're ready to get this party started. all the AOIIs "pi up" for the traditional rose ceremony where we sing a song and hug the bride as we give her a thorn less red rose (our flower). we eat and then dance it all off. jay sat down and talked with slammy's dad for a bit as i talked with some friends that i haven't seen in awhile. lola, tita karmie, and tita karla maria and i all get together for a family pic. it really turned out cute despite how silly we were all acting. and lastly, jay and i had fun playing with the wedding favors: a pink fan. here are some pics...the night is winding down now, but jay and i are still dancing to every cheesy slow bryan adams song that is being played. we spot the beautifully lit up gazebo and make a mad dash over to it with karla and tre as we prepare to pose for a prom pic. it was great. soon it was time to send the bride and groom off into their getaway car. we all lined up and blew bubbles as they exited out. what a beautiful fun night it was. thanks again, slammy and jeremy, for allowing us to be a part of such a special day. love you guys! xoxoafter the wedding shenanigans, we stopped by jay's jiu jitsu gym in trussville where his buddies were watching the UFC fight on a big projector. i got to meet a lot of them for the first time and enjoyed kicking my feet up for the remainder of the night. we got home some time after midnight where we arrived to house of sleeping girls: mamaw, abby, and lyla. overall, it was a great night.

Friday, August 27, 2010

rehearsal dinner

friday night, karla maria and i again rode together to the rehearsal at matthews manor in springville. the rehearsal started at 5:00pm in the rebecca gardens. the place was beautiful with a simply decorated gazebo. on a different note, it's funny how girls get when being paired up with a groomsman she doesn't know...we always hope that we don't get stuck with a short one. hehe. i was one of those lucky women, thank gawd. although i did have to give mine fair warning to walk super slow since i'm knocked up and well, high heels and i just don't get along. he obeyed, i was thankful. so the rehearsal goes off without a hitch. most of us have done this a couple of times so we just roll with it.

later in the night, jay and tre ride together to the location of the rehearsal dinner: the botanical gardens. this is why karla maria and i are so thankful that our guys get along so well. it just makes things so much easier. we arrived at the gardens around 7:00pm where the cocktail and h'orderves took place on the back patio. then we were moved inside where we sat down to a delicious flank steak dinner with salad, sides, and dessert. after dinner, toasts were being made and laughter was everywhere. here are some pics...after chatting the night away for a bit, it was time to pick up our girls at nana lin and papa john's house. upon arrival, the mabster showed me the beautiful window sun catchers she she painted with her nana lin. she was so excited and so proud of them. they really were beautiful. we ended up staying and chatting for a bit and then heading home. all in all, it was a great night.

bridesmaids luncheon

friday, karla maria and i met up and rode together to the chocolate biscuit in trussville for slammy's bridesmaids luncheon. it started at 11:00am and felt great walking through the door and seeing great friends. the salad platter was so yummy, but the best was their signature dish, the dessert. and why yes, the dessert lived up to their was the best biscuit covered in chocolate i've ever had (and admittedly, the only one).

so slammy gives us our bridesmaids gifts as we all notice how her dress matched the bags. the girl is definitely one for fashion, and she absolutely adores her pink. we received pink flip-flops to wear for reception dancing (woohoo, mommy likey!), jewelry to wear with our dresses, and personalized make-up bag, koozie, compact mirror, stationary, and a jewelry bag. our stuff was sooo cute, and i loved it all. lastly, it was a great lunch spent with good friends as we all talked about the upcoming fun wedding festivities. here are some pics...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) the mabster has an alphabet book where all she does is carry it around and ask me at least 50 million times a day (at least), what letter of the alphabet she should write. i'm seriously proud that she likes doing this, but O.M.G. there's only 26 letters to choose from over and over again...note: i'm being asked 50 million times a day! #AyYiYi

2.) RT @capricecrane: "Heidi Montag Wants Huge Breast Implants OUT." She's getting good at cutting giant boobs out of her life.

3.) Tita Karmie & roomie dropped by & gave the mabster a book about (as abby says...) "the little girl who always gets in trouble." Aka: Madeline. thanks, tita karmie. i know she appreciates the book after watching the movie...ohhh, say a couple of times...

4.) Mommy sooo sleepy. First trimester always kicks my arse. The rest of my day will definitely render me unproductive. #LetsBeHonest

5.) Eating a Chick-O-Stick and reminded of my childhood. Forgot how damn tasty these things are. #YummyYum

6.) lyla has started loving the fact that some times mommy still carries her around (like in busy parking lots, across the street, etc.). that said, now whenever i go to put her back down once we're in a safe place. she immediately begins to raise up both legs resisting to let them hit the floor, clenches on tightly to my arms and says, "nooo." it's cute. right now. but i swear when i start getting bigger around the 5th-6th month mark, i betcha it won't be so cute anymore.

7.) "Guys don't know how to deal with girls and that's why the lesbian rate in this country is going up." ~Snooki #JerseyShore

8.) Has forgotten what it felt like to poop in privacy. #GoneAreTheDays

9.) RT @capricecrane: "Spencer Pratt Writing Tell-All About Ex Heidi Montag." Chapter One: She marries a douchebag.

10.) Thinks it looks like Fall as I gaze outside my window. However, I am reminded that it's totally not once I step into the heat. #CmonAutumn!!

11.) Swam all day at pool & now I'm rockin a hint of some sunny sun. Came home, cleaned house, & even got Hubs in on the action. #WeekendsRButta

12.) i think i've eaten more fruit within this past week than i have in my entire life. from strawberries to apples to watermelon to bananas to grapes to cherries...i seriously just graze all day. and i have to. seriously. because if this pregger momma doesn't eat every 2 hours, i get severely nauseous. absolutely sick to my stomach. no yacking yet, but i figured if i have to graze all day, might as well be on something healthy instead of my favorite fat-depositing carbs. btw, did i mention i lost 2 pounds this week? i'll take it!

13.) RT @HisHoliness: If you have willpower then you can do anything. It is usually said that you are your own master.

14.) Watching and giggling as the little one eats her apple. Her facial expressions are comical as she tries to take out a big bite. 'Atta girl!

15.) tonight, jay is having about 10 guys come over so that they can do their fantasy football draft, drink beer, eat pizza, etc. in the man cave. i usually keep the girls occupied and upstairs during a typical night like so, but instead, we're headed over to cousin carson's house. the kiddos have missed each other since tita karla has started back full-time again. not to mention, i kinda miss that bitch too. :o)

16.) Can't even get motivated to get ready & out the door for some shoe shopping. What has become of me? #HomebodyPerhaps

17.) RT @SarcasmSociety: Early to bed and early to rise are sure signs that it’s time to move to Florida.

18.) This windy cooler weather puts a bounce in my step today. #ItsSimplyGlorious

19.) this weekend marks another wedding, but this one will be much more in depth considering i'm a bridesmaid and will have to attend the luncheon, the rehearsal and dinner, pics before ceremony, ceremony and reception, etc. all the babysitters have been lined up, and i'm ready to go with shoes and dress combinations matching. yippee, can't wait to celebrate slammy and jeremy's big day!!

20.) i don't know if it's the upcoming season change and just the feeling of "newness" that surrounds me with each passing day, but despite the extreme exhaustion and slight morning sickness, i'm really digging this "baby growing inside me" stint. good thing, right? not like i can un-do it. :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


after enjoying an arts and crafts day at the nan's house, jay picked up abby and took her to gymnastics. admittedly, i love the fact that this is and has always been their daddy/daughter time together every tuesday night. this time jay brought the camera along to show me some pics of what all she is doing now. looking at them made me proud, and i'm so glad that she is still enjoying herself. here are some pics...

time well spent with nan

today, the mabster enjoyed another arts and crafts day over at the nan's house. this time they got together to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies as well as (mommy's favorite) oatmeal raisin cookies. while waiting on the cookies to bake, they put together 3 different puzzles at the kitchen table. the mabster absolutely loves putting puzzles together so i knew she'd enjoy her time well spent with the nan. lastly, jay picked her up after work and took some pictures of them...notice how they even put pretty ribbons on the bagged cookies so that we could enjoy them too later at home. they were so yummy. good job, abby and nan!

Monday, August 23, 2010


"How do people make it through life without a sister?"

~Sara Corpening

Sunday, August 22, 2010

swimming & golf

sunday, we decided to do something low-key as a family so we headed over to castle pines where we swam as a family for a couple of hours. i was really hoping to soak up some sunny sun considering i have to don a cosmopolitan colored bridesmaid dress next weekend, and this mommy feels the need for just a bit more of a tan. the girls had a blast as they jumped on and then swam away from the shark, also known as: daddy. we brought snacks and ate at the picnic tables and then jumped in for more fun.during the last hour, daddy grabbed his clubs and hit some balls beside the nearby driving range. before getting the girls dressed and ready, i snagged a quick pic. later, we walked up to him at the putting green where he played around with abby and lyla for a bit. little lyla insisted on taking one of daddy's golfs balls and wouldn't give it back. needless to say, she held on to it during the whole car ride home. overall, it was a great low-key family day and a great ending to a well-balanced weekend.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

wedding reception escapades

saturday night, jay and i were quite excited about celebrating stinky and kimberly's wedding reception at avon theater. it all started around 6:00pm in which jay and i arrived 30 minutes early (shocker, no? yeah, i'm not even sure how that happened. guess we were super excited.) so we arrive, snag seats with friends, and notice the grooms cake. it was awesome. for those that know stinky, he is a male nurse (or a murse should i say), so when we gazed upon his cake with no doubt, it was fitting, hilarious, and cute...not to mention, absolutely delicious. here are some cute is the above picture of the johnson sisters? downright pure sex on a stick, eh? we may be thick-boned, but by golly we have cute faces with personality oozing out of every orifice. no really. oh, so the next picture is of bates with the females. i made him take this picture shortly after he came up to us and said, "excuse me ladies, does anyone want to take a ride on my mustache?" good grief, i about fell out. best pick up line my ears have ever witnessed. just awesome. later, the guys get together with the groom, and then the girls with the bride. did i mention that we're all greek? see, we like fact, we can smell them a mile away. that's why being myself with these guys is just SO.MUCH.FUN. here are some like any great wedding reception, the crowd starts getting rowdy to the live band towards the end of the night. ya'll, i had the absolute best time just acting a fool and dancing like mad. as a matter of fact, i had to scream for coach to put me on the bench for a breather after going hardcore nutso while they played "shout!" my filipina mother would be so proud. i'm not kidding when i say that i haven't danced and jumped around like that in YEARS. whew, it felt good! also at one point (and i'm not even sure what song this was to...perhaps "footloose"), bates sprawled out on his back and raised all fours up as he shook like a cockroach. i laughed, i laughed, and i laughed some more. all in all, it was a wonderful much-needed HAWT date night with the hubs in celebration of two great people being united. it reminded me of a drunken formal during our college days, yet (gasp) i had only been throwing back the diet cokes. my favorite part of the night was when the band played "piano man." the singer rocked it with his harmonica and slow-dancing with my jay was perfect. ahhh, i absolutely love wedding receptions. congrats and best wishes, stinkface and the poor woman who married him! lol. love you guys! xoxo