Wednesday, August 11, 2010

back to school ice cream social

today we enjoyed a playdate at heather's house. she wanted to get the kids together for a "back to school ice cream social." such a cute idea to kinda close the summer with. everyone brought a snack to share, and we let the kids play throughout the house for the first hour or so. after everyone had put some substance into their bellies, the hostess brought out the ice cream.

the kids got to chose between a cone or a bowl, chocolate or vanilla, and as many toppings as they could muster up. the mabster chose vanilla ice cream on a cone with sprinkles and a cherry on top. every now and then, she'd add a splash of chocolate syrup, lick it off, add strawberry syrup, lick it off, and repeat. as for lyla, she had vanilla ice cream in a bowl with whip cream and sprinkles. unlike at yogurt mountain, she actually ended up eating most of it as opposed to wearing it. mommy was so happy and impressed. here are some was such a great playdate and turned out to be a huge success. one might cringe at the thought of having a herd of little ones over at your house to eat ice cream, but not heather...she's pretty awesome like that. all in all, everyone played great with each other and we really enjoyed ourselves. thanks for having us!