Friday, August 13, 2010

book club/movie night

friday night, the girls got together for a moms night out where we met up at Sekisui and ate "exotic japanese" (inside joke) before watching the movie "Eat Pray Love" at the nearby rave theater. this movie was chosen for book club and as usual compared to the movie was a little different.all in all, it was a great laid back night. the eight of us got to sit in the private little back room of the restaurant where we took off our shoes and sat on mats on the floor. i absolutely loved it. and in all honesty, i'm kinda mad at myself for not taking a picture. but anywho, i've never experienced sushi like that before (yes, mine was cooked. yes, i am aware that i'm pregnant. thank you.) nonetheless, it was fun and funny when we got yelled at by the waitress for using a group coupon. hilarious. absolutely hilarious.