Sunday, August 8, 2010

drive-by surprise

sunday, we decided to head back up to the lake for a quick day trip. reason being because mommy really wanted to cruise around on the boat for hours and soak up some vitamin D. my tan is lacking nowadays and with summer coming to a near end, i don't want to miss out given the opportunity. plus, cruising around on the water is like my therapy. fo' reals. it calms me like no other. so we arrive at the lakehouse and head down to the water. uncle germy, auntie red, and cousin hudson cruised by and we all swam together and talked for awhile. we shared with them our news as the mabster said, "hey uncle germy, guess what? lyla's going to be a big sister." they congratulated us as the kiddos played and really enjoyed themselves.

so gasp if you will, but i didn't have my camera on me. crazy, no? instead it was at home. so after cruising around for 3-4 hours, we packed up and went home. we decided to tell jay's side of the family only after dropping by our house first to pick up said camera. since everyone lives so closely together, we proceeded to nan's house for the beginning of the "drive-by surprise." the girls walk in with their "big sister" shirts as abby again shares the news. nan was SO excited and covered us all in kisses. she asked about names, told us we should still have four, etc. i told her that not unless i have twins in my belly now, there won't be a fourth. not sure my sanity could handle that. nonetheless, here are some pics...after talking with the nan for awhile, we left and headed over to the restaurant where nana lin was. being the smart woman she is, as soon as lyla walked through the door, she said, "umm, why is lyla in a big sister shirt?" i stopped in my tracks and said "thank you." finally someone caught on instantly without the mabster having to say it. it was great. she was also excited for us as she hugged and kissed us. and at that moment, i felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. why? because for the past 2 weeks, i have been hiding this huge exciting secret.again, TWO.WEEKS. i kept quiet. it was like being proposed to, but not being allowed to display the ring. absolutely tortuous, i say. but we wanted the family to all be together when sharing the news so we waited. after a doc's appointment last week, i'm happy to announce that the due date is april 6th and i am currently 6 weeks along. i joke because my dream of having 3 before 30 is going to come true. just in the nick of time. YIPPEE SKIPPEE, we couldn't be any happier about completing our douglas party of five!!!!


Amber said...

How exciting!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!