Saturday, August 14, 2010

happy 2nd birthday, lyla!!

saturday morning, we celebrated lyla's 2nd birthday party at pump it up in pelham. the party started at 10:30am and lasted till 12:30pm. the theme was minnie mouse since the birthday girl is currently addicted to watching mickey mouse clubhouse on dvd. that said, "stickyfingerz boutique" made the girls coordinated outfits to match the theme, as well as "apple dumpling" made lyla's minnie mouse inspired tutu. they were so ridiculously cute. here are some once everyone arrives, the kids sit down and watch a video about safety and all that boring stuff. hehe. clearly, the adults should have been the ones to pay attention considering at one time the whole top of the inflatable slide was filled with people all wanting to go down at the same time. alas, nobody got hurt...except for tita karmie's burns on her elbows which she wasn't too happy about, but it didn't stop her from competing with karla maria on the obstacle course. teeheehee. here are some actions pics...while others went down the huge slides and bounced around like mad with the little ones, others sat around talking and laughing at the sights around us. here are the calmer pics of the day...after an hour of play in both sections of the place, the coordinators blew their whistles and got the kids together for a group picture. this endeavor is nearly impossible since someone is always running off including the birthday girl. without further delay, here are the best two pics i could put on here. they're the best of the madness. enjoy!soon after, everyone lines up and we head into the party room where we get ready to sing "happy birthday" and eat cake. lyla loved her cake, and the whole process ran smoothly. later after the cake was served and eaten, we opened up gifts. the birthday girl was spoiled and loved everything. even big sister helped open gifts with her too as she said, "oh lyla, you will have to share this one with me!" good times. thanks to everyone who came, and happy 2nd birthday, lyla. we love you more than anything!! XOXO


*Yankee Belle* said...

I thought the 2 was a peace sign!!! =P Happy Birthday sweet L! We love you!!! xoxoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

The outfits are adorable and the party looked like so much fun!!! Kids b'day parties are the BEST! Happy Birthday Lyla!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! LOVE LOVE the shirts!! Where did u get them? My daughter loves minnie mouse and her 2nd party will also be minnie mouse theme!