Sunday, August 15, 2010

happy 5th birthday, anna!

sunday, we attended anna's birthday party at treetop family adventure in chelsea from 4:00 - 6:00pm. when we first arrived, we headed outside with the birthday girl for a game of putt-putt golf. i was really excited when i heard this considering the girls have never played before. thanks to daddy though, they both know how to use a putter...well, as best as they can at least. oh and before i go any further, am i bad parent if i teach my kid how to say, "daddy, why do you have a hangover?" hehehe. so we're outside playing putt-putt and lyla has really taken to it. every time she putted the ball into the hole, she'd say, "yay, ball!" as she pointed to it. abby, on the other hand, got distracted by the waterfall as her and ellie threw rocks into the creek.later, we headed back inside for the party room where the kids ate pizza, sang happy birthday, and enjoyed some yummy cake. anna's theme was "hello kitty," and it was funny how all the boys sat on one side of the table with the girls on the other...i think they were confused with it being a 5th grade dance or something. here are some pics...lastly after pizza and cake, the kids were given a card with an amount of money in which they could use in the arcade area. we played around in the enclosed play area and then headed over for some miniature bowling. lyla went nutso at this game. she was just far too excited to wait her turn and constantly kept throwing the balls down the lane while doing a dance each and every time. good times. thanks for having us, and happy 5th birthday, anna!