Friday, August 27, 2010

rehearsal dinner

friday night, karla maria and i again rode together to the rehearsal at matthews manor in springville. the rehearsal started at 5:00pm in the rebecca gardens. the place was beautiful with a simply decorated gazebo. on a different note, it's funny how girls get when being paired up with a groomsman she doesn't know...we always hope that we don't get stuck with a short one. hehe. i was one of those lucky women, thank gawd. although i did have to give mine fair warning to walk super slow since i'm knocked up and well, high heels and i just don't get along. he obeyed, i was thankful. so the rehearsal goes off without a hitch. most of us have done this a couple of times so we just roll with it.

later in the night, jay and tre ride together to the location of the rehearsal dinner: the botanical gardens. this is why karla maria and i are so thankful that our guys get along so well. it just makes things so much easier. we arrived at the gardens around 7:00pm where the cocktail and h'orderves took place on the back patio. then we were moved inside where we sat down to a delicious flank steak dinner with salad, sides, and dessert. after dinner, toasts were being made and laughter was everywhere. here are some pics...after chatting the night away for a bit, it was time to pick up our girls at nana lin and papa john's house. upon arrival, the mabster showed me the beautiful window sun catchers she she painted with her nana lin. she was so excited and so proud of them. they really were beautiful. we ended up staying and chatting for a bit and then heading home. all in all, it was a great night.