Saturday, August 28, 2010

slammy and jeremy's wedding

saturday, karla maria and i rode together again over to matthews manor where the special bride and groom were to be wed. we arrived at 3:00pm where we headed straight to the bride's room to get ready and the such. it didn't take long at all for us to throw on our pink cosmopolitan chiffon tea length dresses, and soon we were all helping slammy get into hers. she looked absolutely beautiful. she even wore her mother's (momma kay) own veil that was nearly 40 years old. once everyone was dressed to perfection, we all headed outside to take some wedding pictures. here are just a few that i took on my own weather couldn't seem to make up it's mind. it would rain, then stop. rinse and repeat. luckily, it held out for a majority of the time when we were taking the big bridal party pic in the gazebo. unfortunately, minutes before the ceremony was to start at 6:00pm, the sky crazily fell out. hard. and it looked like it wasn't going to stop. my heart then began to hurt for slammy because we all knew how bad she wanted the ceremony outside beside the gazebo. so her wedding coordinator asks her what she wants to do. after discussing with her groom-to-be, they decide to just have it pushed under the pavilion instead of making their guests "wait it out" for the rain to stop. they were happy with their decision and the ceremony was short, sweet, and beautiful. best news all day though? i wore high heels on wet cement and rose petals and didn't even slip and fall. score! although the groomsman i was paired up with said he would catch me if disaster should occur. crisis averted. here are some pics of the actual wedding ceremony that jay took for me...the ceremony ends and the reception favorite thing about weddings! i can't tell you how fast i slipped of the heels and threw on my flip-flops. my feet were already killing me. so we're ready to get this party started. all the AOIIs "pi up" for the traditional rose ceremony where we sing a song and hug the bride as we give her a thorn less red rose (our flower). we eat and then dance it all off. jay sat down and talked with slammy's dad for a bit as i talked with some friends that i haven't seen in awhile. lola, tita karmie, and tita karla maria and i all get together for a family pic. it really turned out cute despite how silly we were all acting. and lastly, jay and i had fun playing with the wedding favors: a pink fan. here are some pics...the night is winding down now, but jay and i are still dancing to every cheesy slow bryan adams song that is being played. we spot the beautifully lit up gazebo and make a mad dash over to it with karla and tre as we prepare to pose for a prom pic. it was great. soon it was time to send the bride and groom off into their getaway car. we all lined up and blew bubbles as they exited out. what a beautiful fun night it was. thanks again, slammy and jeremy, for allowing us to be a part of such a special day. love you guys! xoxoafter the wedding shenanigans, we stopped by jay's jiu jitsu gym in trussville where his buddies were watching the UFC fight on a big projector. i got to meet a lot of them for the first time and enjoyed kicking my feet up for the remainder of the night. we got home some time after midnight where we arrived to house of sleeping girls: mamaw, abby, and lyla. overall, it was a great night.