Saturday, August 14, 2010

stinky's bachelor party

so after lyla's birthday party, jay left with uncle tony as they drove to hot-lanta for stinky's bachelor party that weekend. they had plans to watch the braves vs. dodgers baseball game, but since it rained the majority of the time, they decided to skip and hang out at the bars instead. needless to say, the drinking started earlier than usual...if that's even possible. i know, right? so maloney surprised stinky with his very own shirt that consisted of a pink bow and the title, "world's smallest bachelor." the short jokes never die with this guy. good thing he has a good attitude about it. even better, his future bride is a lot shorter than him...see, there truly is someone out there for everyone! :D here's a picture of the bachelor and all his glory...lastly, i have some other hilariously awesome pics of said bachelor that jay took on their way home. ones of his head hanging out the window like a damn dog because the cool air on his face felt good, and the last one is of him passed out. i've compared notes with the wives club and i'd have to say that the funniest damn thing we heard about the weekend was that stinky was so belligerent drunk that he hurt his chest by running into a glass door. ahhh, just when you think you're too old for this, you're reminded that your friends aren't. god love it. the guys had a blast, and we can't wait to celebrate their big day next weekend!