Tuesday, August 10, 2010

thank you

i've received a lot of wonderful thank you notes in my day, but i'd have to say that this one definitely takes the cake. in fact, it was so funny that i felt the need for it to be blogged. furthermore, this thank you note was written by uncle tony from claire bear's 2nd birthday party. try to read it if you can. i will decipher it for you below just in case there's any confusion...

abby and lyla,
not only is your daddy as awesome as mine, but ya'll also give freakin awesome gifts. i wore my tiara all day sunday and have worn my dress too. we need to go play golf with our dads more. they are awesome and our moms are lucky to have them as husbands.
love, claire

and this is proof as to why the guys should never write the thank you notes. ever.


Overthinking Mama said...

Thats too funny!!