Thursday, August 5, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Oldest told me this morning that she had a dream that she was at Mickey Mouse's clubhouse with lil sis. and that they had cupcakes in their pockets. talk about some sweet dreams.

2.) I am a spring chicken.

3.) RT @PAT4CCR: Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. -Phyllis Diller

4.) Great day for the pool. However, the best was watching @YankeBell hang out under the lifeguard in the deep end and sing. #GodBless

5.) Eminem & Rhianna's new song "Love the Way You Lie" makes me cry because it's sad and so damn full of angst. Good grief, I'm hormonal.

6.) Just finished giving Big Bertha a much needed bath with a side of fine-detailing. Because that's how I spend my Friday nights. Jealous much? #GettingVerySleepyAlready

7.) Finds it hilarious when the little one hears something & frantically starts running to me because she's scared. It totally reminds me of me when i was younger.

8.) I don't know who is the cheesiest? a) Ali b) Ali's mom or c) velveeta mac-n-chz. This is painful to watch. #TheBachelorette

9.) I'm fairly certain that the lint trap in the dryer is a mystery to most men of the world. Actually, I take that's "nonexistent." #FearfulItMayStartAFire

10.) Hello August. This is me. At the pool. Again.

11.) SarcasmSociety: No douchebag ever considers himself a douchebag. Douchebags rely on the rest of us to let them know. So do your duty.

12.) Healthy competition: trying to see who can clean their room the fastest, Mommy vs. Mabster. it's the best way to get her to clean. #JustLikeHerDaddy #InvolveCompetition&HesGame

13.) RT @msklk08: thank you #bedintruder. "errybody" is now officially part of my iphone's predictive text. #HideYoKids #HideYoWife

14.) Hubs took a half day so I can have some "me time." I went to the doc, got an oil change, ate at Purple Onion, & now debating a movie or pedi... #LifeIsGood

15.) This massage chair is absolutely fabulous. That is until the little nubin suprisingly pokes me in the ass. #WhatTheFuck? #ImPayingForThis?

16.) "you may say i'm a dreamer...but i'm not. (the only one)" #DinnerForSchmucks

17.) "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

18.) Guys Night is tonight: may they pull each other's fingers and fart, scratch their balls, and do what men do... #BadNewsBears

19.) i have loved every second of having a lazy summer with my oversleeping kiddos. That said, I'm ready for routine & activities that wear them the eff out. Mommy can only entertain so much. Hello dance class, school, & gymnastics...we can't wait to see you again!! Xoxo

20.) Trying to fake my enthusiasm to prove to my kids just how much fun cleaning really is. Needless to say, they're not buying it. #WellShit Getting my ducks in a row. #QuackQuack

21.) Hubs is pretty fan-freakin-tastic. I'm not gonna lie. We make a damn good team together, and i love the fact that he appreciates me and sincerely cares. He lets me do what i want and vice versa. Not to mention, he puts up with all my crazy...and yes, i'm sure he'll think it's hilarious that i just typed that. Again, i've been hormonal this week. Don't look at me. Or better yet...come rub my back...till I fall asleep. Love you with all my heart, jaydoug!! XOXO

22.) "The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being." - Tenzin Gyatso

23.) when you're nicknamed "mamarazzi," the pressure to upload pics is some times unbearable. it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

24.) The Baby Itch is still alive and well. In fact, do you hear that? It's my ovaries. And they're scuh-reaming. #TickTockTickTock

25.) Dear Disney on Ice, the theme this year is "Princess Wishes?" did you KNOW!? #LetTheEnchantmentBegin