Thursday, August 12, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) This loud thunderous weather is making my kiddos crazily scatter around like roaches. And it makes me laugh. Uncontrollably.

2.) random but true fact: my first symptom with each pregnancy was a pimple on my chin. jay has seemed to remember this, and he swore that's how he knew we were this go round as well. kinda accurately odd and funny, no? i think that's the only time i have loved and longed for a pimple on my chin.

3.) RT @capricecrane: Whenever I see a guy in jean shorts I feel sad that he has nobody in his life to say, "You really shouldn't wear those."

4.) The sweetest thing: Lyla waking up this morning & the first words out of her mouth were, "Where's Babby?" (as in Abby)

5.) Hubster is going nucking futs while watching this UFC fight. #Yowzas

6.) The youngest insists on going commando when we are at home. Why? I have no idea. On the flip side, she just tee-tee'd in her big girl potty!!

7.) Watching the Daily 10 & realizing that I am so far out of the loop with celebrity gossip. Shame on me. But at least the kids have been fed.

8.) RT @anjeanettec: IHOP mascot gets beat up outside restaurant. To be honest, with a name like Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruity, I think he had it coming.

9.) Hanging out at Tita Karmie's house and making beaded necklaces, terrorizing Moose & Foudy, and redecorating her bookshelf. #Splendid

10.) Loves having friends with personalities that could kill a horse. #AsInStrongAndHilarious

11.) Watching Hubs trim the forest that is our front bushes and chuckling to myself because it looks as if they are about to swallow him whole.

12.) Never again spicy salad, never again. Thanks for the hate crime that was performed on my bowels. #BlechyBlechBlechGag

13.) Feels overwhelmingly blessed and loved this week for all the congrats, well wishes, texts, emails, & hugs. #Baby3WillBeSpoiled

14.) Mabster's eating her 4th yogurt for the day. When asking her, "How much yogurt have you eaten?" She replies with, "Too much!" #WellObviously

15.) Hub's bad day: blew out 2 tires at same time. While changing said tires, wedding band flies off from profusely sweating & rolls down cliff. I can't make this shit up if I tried. On the flip side, at least we have insurance to cover the cost of his ring. #WhenLifeGivesYouLemons...SuckIt

16.) while at dinner we laughed how once jay gets a new wedding band, we'll have our names and the date engraved on the inside just like before, but this time with an added "v2.0" as in version 2.0...because if you can't laugh at what a crazy misfortune the whole thing was, then what else can you do?

17.) As soon as we get into the car, Lyla goes absolutely nutso screaming for, "gum, gum, gummmm!!!" #SimmerDownLittleLady

18.) oddly enough, i am one of those weird girls who absolutely cherish being pregnant. everything about it. seriously.


Toni Tralala said...

You're a blooming pregnant woman so there's nothing but happiness.

Congratulations! :)