Thursday, August 19, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Loves these summer late afternoon rain showers. They make me feel like a bum, but yet cuddly & cozy. #PregnantAndExhausted. must get my grocery list together...before my bed finds me...

2.) How does Gilbert Gottfried go from the ever so raunchy voice of "USA's Up All Night" to the cartoon bird on PBS? That's a disgusting sin.

3.) The mabster just told me, "I want a big belly like a cute little fat baby." That's the sweetest damn thing I've ever heard.

4.) No nap for the newly 2 year old = Bed time at 7:30pm. #SoundsGoodToMe

5.) One of the best things that I've ever taught my kid: How to make me a sandwich. It's really awesome. On all levels.

6.) Dear UAT, why'd ya forget the other hump back on the game day tickets? Hehehe...

7.) Watching Oprah with Julia Roberts as a guest...makes me so excited about tonight. #EatPrayLove #GirlsNightOut

8.) Just told birthday girl to put a diaper over her vagina. Oldest said, "vagina? I know, like Ni Hao Kai Lan!!!" #Bwahaha #ItDoesSoundChinese

9.) Drunk Hubs made a huge thud in kitchen. After checking on him, he says "I'm fine." Umm, glad to hear it but don't wake up the damn kids. Lol

10.) "We're in the midst of grenades, dude...the hyenas have him mesmerized..." #JerseyShore

11.) Channel hopping between Jersey Shore and Bethenny Gets Married. Oh how I love my Thursday nights! #GTL #WifeUp

12.) RT @capricecrane: "'Donald Duck' Accused of Groping Woman at Epcot." The feathered freak never even wears pants, what did you expect?

13.) My kids love me. They love me so much that whenever I sit still to finally eat...they are right there on top of me. Ahhh... #Sarcasm

14.) The little one turns 2 & has decided that now she's old enough to become a streaker. #BuckNakedBeauty

15.) Appreciates and respects a no fuss birthday party. That is all.

16.) Had big fun watching kiddos play putt-putt & miniature bowling for the first time at a birthday party. Now for some wings in my tummy @ BWW.

17.) Headed to the gym and realizing I need new workout tanks in a big bad way. #SleevesAnnoyThePissOutOfMe

18.) meanwhile at the gym, an old man wearing a pair of skimpy speedos passes by. For some reason, I don't think my eyes deserved that.

19.) Hubs is bringing us lunch. To the house. Like delivery boy. But I don't have money to tip him. Will have to earn this. By being nice. #Pervs

20.) 7 shots total, and all my girls needed were Disney princess stickers and suckers to make it all better. #Whew #GladThatsOverWith

21.) RT @capricecrane: Facebook's new "Places," shares your exact location via GPS. Because why should stalkers be limited to Twitter & Foursquare?

22.) this weekend: i gets to get my hair done did, a pampered day with the YB of lunch and a 90 minute massage (woohoo!!), kidless wedding festivities with close college friends, and ending it with family time all day sunday. life is good. god is great. amen.


Elizabeth said...

Oh how I love your Thursdays Thoughts...You are my kind of momma;)