Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) the mabster has an alphabet book where all she does is carry it around and ask me at least 50 million times a day (at least), what letter of the alphabet she should write. i'm seriously proud that she likes doing this, but O.M.G. there's only 26 letters to choose from over and over again...note: i'm being asked 50 million times a day! #AyYiYi

2.) RT @capricecrane: "Heidi Montag Wants Huge Breast Implants OUT." She's getting good at cutting giant boobs out of her life.

3.) Tita Karmie & roomie dropped by & gave the mabster a book about (as abby says...) "the little girl who always gets in trouble." Aka: Madeline. thanks, tita karmie. i know she appreciates the book after watching the movie...ohhh, say a couple of times...

4.) Mommy sooo sleepy. First trimester always kicks my arse. The rest of my day will definitely render me unproductive. #LetsBeHonest

5.) Eating a Chick-O-Stick and reminded of my childhood. Forgot how damn tasty these things are. #YummyYum

6.) lyla has started loving the fact that some times mommy still carries her around (like in busy parking lots, across the street, etc.). that said, now whenever i go to put her back down once we're in a safe place. she immediately begins to raise up both legs resisting to let them hit the floor, clenches on tightly to my arms and says, "nooo." it's cute. right now. but i swear when i start getting bigger around the 5th-6th month mark, i betcha it won't be so cute anymore.

7.) "Guys don't know how to deal with girls and that's why the lesbian rate in this country is going up." ~Snooki #JerseyShore

8.) Has forgotten what it felt like to poop in privacy. #GoneAreTheDays

9.) RT @capricecrane: "Spencer Pratt Writing Tell-All About Ex Heidi Montag." Chapter One: She marries a douchebag.

10.) Thinks it looks like Fall as I gaze outside my window. However, I am reminded that it's totally not once I step into the heat. #CmonAutumn!!

11.) Swam all day at pool & now I'm rockin a hint of some sunny sun. Came home, cleaned house, & even got Hubs in on the action. #WeekendsRButta

12.) i think i've eaten more fruit within this past week than i have in my entire life. from strawberries to apples to watermelon to bananas to grapes to cherries...i seriously just graze all day. and i have to. seriously. because if this pregger momma doesn't eat every 2 hours, i get severely nauseous. absolutely sick to my stomach. no yacking yet, but i figured if i have to graze all day, might as well be on something healthy instead of my favorite fat-depositing carbs. btw, did i mention i lost 2 pounds this week? i'll take it!

13.) RT @HisHoliness: If you have willpower then you can do anything. It is usually said that you are your own master.

14.) Watching and giggling as the little one eats her apple. Her facial expressions are comical as she tries to take out a big bite. 'Atta girl!

15.) tonight, jay is having about 10 guys come over so that they can do their fantasy football draft, drink beer, eat pizza, etc. in the man cave. i usually keep the girls occupied and upstairs during a typical night like so, but instead, we're headed over to cousin carson's house. the kiddos have missed each other since tita karla has started back full-time again. not to mention, i kinda miss that bitch too. :o)

16.) Can't even get motivated to get ready & out the door for some shoe shopping. What has become of me? #HomebodyPerhaps

17.) RT @SarcasmSociety: Early to bed and early to rise are sure signs that it’s time to move to Florida.

18.) This windy cooler weather puts a bounce in my step today. #ItsSimplyGlorious

19.) this weekend marks another wedding, but this one will be much more in depth considering i'm a bridesmaid and will have to attend the luncheon, the rehearsal and dinner, pics before ceremony, ceremony and reception, etc. all the babysitters have been lined up, and i'm ready to go with shoes and dress combinations matching. yippee, can't wait to celebrate slammy and jeremy's big day!!

20.) i don't know if it's the upcoming season change and just the feeling of "newness" that surrounds me with each passing day, but despite the extreme exhaustion and slight morning sickness, i'm really digging this "baby growing inside me" stint. good thing, right? not like i can un-do it. :D