Tuesday, August 10, 2010

time with tita karmie

the other day, we met up with tita karmie for lunch during one of her off days. she's been raving about a new place that serves an italian and mexican buffet bar and i mean c'mon, it's two of our favorite cuisines together right at our fingertips. so full of win. it really was awesomely good. will definitely have to go again.

after lunch, we drove back to tita karmie's house because the girls really wanted to play with her, and as the mabster kept saying, "decorate." in 4-year-old language, "decorate" means make a mess (aka: arts and crafts). upon arrival, tita karmie introduces her cat "foudy" and her roommate's dog "moose" to both abby and lyla. they were hilarious to watch as they laughed at the cat from afar and pointed at the dog that was behind glass doors outside. the mabster was granted her wish of "decorating" as her and tita karmie made a necklace and bracelet out of beads. later, lyla pulled MCC's "dreamland" book from the bookshelf, as well as an old-timey wooden marble toy. both girls loved this thing, and it really made me appreciate how something so simple could create so much entertainment. here are some pics...towards the end of our visit with tita karmie, she gave lyla her birthday present a couple of days early. she received a turtle tree swing that now has a home in our backyard, a super cute outfit, a soccer ball and goal, and my favorite (which hopefully one day will be lyla's favorite), a copy of the book, anne of green gables. tita karmie even signed the inside of it which makes it that much more special. overall, we had a great day with tita karmie, and lyla loves her new birthday gifts. thank you so much, tita karmie!