Thursday, August 19, 2010

to my girls...

dearest my dear abby,
you are an awesome listener. some times i don't think you are, and then you surprise me the next day with a story you heard months ago. it amazes me. you are the best big sister around. some times you don't like to share, but you are smart about it. if you are playing with something first and lyla wants it, you immediately find something else for her to play with that you know she will love just the same. it's brilliant and a win-win for everyone. abby, you try hard to always be the best. even when you're scared, you try to act so brave. i want you to know that it's okay to be scared some times. and it's okay to cry. i want you to know that mommy and daddy will always be here for you if you ever want to just talk about how you're feeling. we love you so much, sweet girl. you're creative and love arts-n-crafts. you can make a creation out of anything. you love to make your own decisions given choices. you love your lil sis and always try to protect her, and you definitely let mommy know if someone is messing with her (so FYI, bullies beware...don't mess with the douglas sisters, they're awesome tattletales. hehe). we're so proud of the little lady you are becoming, abby. so proud. and we love you so much. XOXO,
~mom and dad

dearest my dear lyla,
you are so precious and sweet. your temperament is just like your daddy's: laid back and go with the flow. because of you, we decided to expand our family with just one more. you just make parenthood seem easy for us. you're compassionate and highly affectionate and share hugs with everyone. you love your babydolls and building forts with big sis. ya'll make a great team together and you look up to her. even when she gets in trouble for doing something wrong towards you, you are the one who runs to give her hugs. it's the sweetest thing i have ever seen. your giggle is infectious. you are growing up so fast. i look at you and realize that i will never get my baby have emerged into a big girl who can do things on her own. it makes me so proud of you. you have your words, but only use them when necessary (not unless you're just aimlessly singing around the house and you make up your own). you are our quiet one (for now, i'm sure), but with each passing day, your personality keeps shining through. that said, when you're excited, you get so animated. it cracks me up. you are our fearless one. things i wouldn't expect you to be comfortable to do yet, you jump into with all that you have and make it fun. we're so proud of you, lyla. and we love you so much. XOXO,
~mom and dad


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