Saturday, August 21, 2010

wedding reception escapades

saturday night, jay and i were quite excited about celebrating stinky and kimberly's wedding reception at avon theater. it all started around 6:00pm in which jay and i arrived 30 minutes early (shocker, no? yeah, i'm not even sure how that happened. guess we were super excited.) so we arrive, snag seats with friends, and notice the grooms cake. it was awesome. for those that know stinky, he is a male nurse (or a murse should i say), so when we gazed upon his cake with no doubt, it was fitting, hilarious, and cute...not to mention, absolutely delicious. here are some cute is the above picture of the johnson sisters? downright pure sex on a stick, eh? we may be thick-boned, but by golly we have cute faces with personality oozing out of every orifice. no really. oh, so the next picture is of bates with the females. i made him take this picture shortly after he came up to us and said, "excuse me ladies, does anyone want to take a ride on my mustache?" good grief, i about fell out. best pick up line my ears have ever witnessed. just awesome. later, the guys get together with the groom, and then the girls with the bride. did i mention that we're all greek? see, we like fact, we can smell them a mile away. that's why being myself with these guys is just SO.MUCH.FUN. here are some like any great wedding reception, the crowd starts getting rowdy to the live band towards the end of the night. ya'll, i had the absolute best time just acting a fool and dancing like mad. as a matter of fact, i had to scream for coach to put me on the bench for a breather after going hardcore nutso while they played "shout!" my filipina mother would be so proud. i'm not kidding when i say that i haven't danced and jumped around like that in YEARS. whew, it felt good! also at one point (and i'm not even sure what song this was to...perhaps "footloose"), bates sprawled out on his back and raised all fours up as he shook like a cockroach. i laughed, i laughed, and i laughed some more. all in all, it was a wonderful much-needed HAWT date night with the hubs in celebration of two great people being united. it reminded me of a drunken formal during our college days, yet (gasp) i had only been throwing back the diet cokes. my favorite part of the night was when the band played "piano man." the singer rocked it with his harmonica and slow-dancing with my jay was perfect. ahhh, i absolutely love wedding receptions. congrats and best wishes, stinkface and the poor woman who married him! lol. love you guys! xoxo


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That last pic of you and jay is wonderful

Kimberly said...

love this. loved it. love you!