Wednesday, August 18, 2010

yearly check-ups

since our girls' birthdays are just a month apart from each other, i decided to schedule their yearly check-ups at the same time. kill two birds with one stone, per se, and claim supermom status or at least for a moment acute insanity when it came time for the shots. and why yes, they received 7 total. yeah.

so we arrive and the place is dead. ahh, now that's what i love most about schools already starting back up and yet mine still have another month. go warriors! we get called back immediately, and the nurse does the usual: height, weight, safety and developmental questions. easy peasy. then, we hang out in our room for awhile while the girls play twister with the colored tiles on the floor (with their feet only. i don't want to pick up any illnesses while there, believe me).

soon dr. wamack enters the room and starts talking to the girls. he asks the mabster how old she is and she replies back with, "i'm four. i had a birthday party." he says, "that's great. lyla how old are you?" in which she replies with, "party at two." i was so proud. lyla's usually the lady of few words. she knows them (about 60. yes, i counted because as a mother i was worried that she doesn't talk as much as what big sis did at her age.) then doc said that her response tells him that she is progressing fine since she was able to pair 3 words together which most aren't able to do just yet. i told him that was good to hear because i was concerned. then he said that as long as she is saying at least 20 words in her vocabulary right now, she is on the right track. then he continued to say that it is highly normal for the oldest to speak more than the second or third child because they never had a sibling to help them get/know what they want. it's just easier for their needs to be met since they always have a companion with them to help out without saying it. makes perfect sense to me. and at that moment, my 2 y/o speech worries disappeared.

later, he gives them both a good full body assessment. everything looks great and he proceeds to tell me what shots they will be receiving (4 for lyla, 3 for abby), and that they are up to date with everything. abby will receive her next set of shots at age 11, and lyla at age 4. yippee!!

so here are their statistics:

age- 4
weight- 36 lbs. (50th percentile)
height- 41 1/4 in. (75th percentile)


age- 2
weight- 29 lbs. (75th percentile)
height- 34 in. (75th percentile)

my sweet ever growing girls. today made me realize how lucky i am to have you two. ya'll make every day an interesting adventure, and i absolutely love always being able to be there for ya'll. to be the one to swoop ya'll into my arms (no matter how old or big you get) after receiving ya'lls shots and smothering ya'll in kisses and "it'll be okay's." i love ya'll sooo incredibly much. i never thought i could love you guys as much as i do. ya'll both make me so proud with each individual personality.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

They are precious little girls - Kim you are right - you are so blessed. I'm glad everyone is happy and healthy. I miss you all!!!