Thursday, September 30, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) My heightened senses have absolutely no tolerance for flatulence. Seriously. #VomitPukeGag

2.) It's nearly midnight & hubs and the girls are still at friends' house, yet I just got home. Something doesn't feel right here... #FootballAndUFCSlumberParty

3.) RT @kimberlyfarr: {snicker, snicker} RT @OPB BREAKING NEWS: Facebook is down. Worker productivity rises. U.S. climbs out of recession.

4.) The oldest daughter absolutely adores helping cook in the kitchen any chance she gets. Admittedly, it's slightly annoying, but super cute.

5.) Fact: Is putting the "jam" in pajamas on this rainy day. However after opening the windows to let the fresh breeze in, I have successfully dominated this house. Booyah!

6.) Great date night out with Hubs. Now so sleepy. #ImOld #ThanksNanaLin

7.) Sitting in carpool and surrounded by minivans and volvos. #ThisIsMyLife #NoThanksToTheSwaggerWagon

8.) RT @capricecrane: "Katy Perry's Sesame Street Segment Pulled Because of Her Cleavage." Execs fear kids might try to tickle their Elmos.

9.) GOOD GRAVY!!! I.HEART.THIS.WEATHER. #BackPorchSittin #BreezeAKickin

10.) umm dear blogger, it takes me FOR-EV-ER to upload my damn photos now...what's the deal? #ReallyChafesMyAss

11.) Am I the only one who chuckles when hearing a lady tell her kid, "Don't choke on your chicken." #ApparentlySo #FifthGradeFun

12.) Many thanks to the Nan for making us Eggplant Parmesan for din-din tonight. #YummyGetInMyTummy

13.) The mabster just introduced herself to our new neighbors by saying, "Hi, I'm Abby. My mommy has a baby in her belly." #NotFatJustPregnantHa

14.) "It's Britney. Bitch." "You have more vests than the cast of Blosom." #Glee

15.) Where is my Lyla and what have you done with her? She's been yapping her mouth since 2:30am. #NoSleep #NoRespect In fact, my eyes are stinging from the lack of sleep. any minute now, i shall pass ou...((THUD))...

16.) RT @capricecrane: Michael Bolton demands an apology from a DWTS judge. I demand an apology from Bolton for everything he's ever done ever.

17.) ONE.MORE.WEEK. VEGAS, BABY!!! KIDLESS, BABY!! 'nuff said.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my bruised heart...

you know that verse...the one that says...

"Making a decision to have a child -- it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." -Elizabeth Stone

in my eyes, this is so incredibly true. reason being, my heart (lyla bug) was rendered bruised and bloody after a fall in the bathroom while playing with big sis (again, my heart) the other day. it happened so fast. the floor was wet. she slipped a first time, got back up, started to run, and SMACK...just like that she fell again, but this time much much harder and on her head. judging by the look on big sis's face was just as horrifying. so i scoop her up like a wet fish flailing around on the floor. as soon as i checked her head out, there went my bruised heart aching for her. this is what mommy saw...our sweet lyla bug, what can i say? you have had far more bumps and bruises than big sis ever did. you are fearless, mischievous, clumsy, and carefree. i love it so much about you, until you nearly give mommy a massive coronary. that being said, for safety reasons we have enforced a stricter policy around this house with that one...

wordless wednesday: our sweet southern belle...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

painting pumpkins

Saturday, September 25, 2010

boudoir party

so i'm guessing "boudoir parties" are now replacing the strictly famous lingerie ones...makes sense to me. if you don't prefer a bunch of sexy lingerie you know you will never wear, at least you'll get some linens, towels, lotions, facial products, etc. so anywho, karla maria, maloney, and i drove over to katie b's house in honor of jennifer herring at 6:00pm. when we walked through the door, we were suppose to drop the pair of panties that we chose for jennifer that would make her think of us. this later became a hilarious game at the end of the night. here are some pics...we chat and catch up with everyone for the first hour, and then it was time to watch the bride-to-be open up her gifts. of course within the some raunchy, some cute, some practical gifts...there lied the "sex bible book." yeah, clearly it was the highlight of the night as everyone passed it around and laughed. the titles were the funniest though. so then jennifer opens up her gift from maloney which was a personalized zebra print snuggie. score. lastly, here's one of my tweets from that night...

At lingerie shower and got pinned for bringing the crotchless panties. Clearly, my friends don't know me well...or perhaps they do? #Hmmm

i really brought the cozy cotton polka dot panties. believe me, i would have given her a pair of awesome granny panties, but couldn't find any in her size. after having kiddos, i don't really wear that skimpy shit any more. hehe. comfort, baby!

UAB vs. Tennessee

saturday, our beloved close friends (tony and maloney) invited some friends over to watch the UAB vs. Tennessee football game at their house. kick off started at 11:30am, and we brought a dish to share. the kiddos enjoyed playing around with each other, and as always the girls really love playing with claire bear. so we're all watching the game. it's a good one. the blazers are holding their own and we're all cheering along. here are some pics...the game ended with the vols winning in double overtime with a score of 32-29. we fought hard, but as all the guys joked, "UAB football: home of the moral victory." perhaps one day we will pull through with a W. but hey, like the bumper sticker reads: "our nationally ranked team wears scrubs." it's true. we're proud. goo blazers.

lastly, maloney started making the fruit dip which she was preparing for the "boudoir party" for a fellow friend when the mabster asks if she can help. maloney pulls her up and chair and they get to work. it was so cute. soon claire bear was right beside her and they were both dipping their fingers in the leftover whip cream tub. loved we (the mommies) get ready and ride together over to katie b's house where the girl party was going to take place at 6:00pm. the guys and kiddos stay and play all day and night. it was awesome and worked out perfectly. thanks for having us, tony and maloney! XOXO

Friday, September 24, 2010

greek food festival

friday night, we decided to head on over as a fam to the 38th annual greek food festival located downtown. i remember attending this festival as a little girl and loved watching the dancers up on stage. not to mention, the food is absolutely delectable. so we meet up with friends and family at the most perfect time. admittedly, i jumped in line with karla maria (no wait, yay!) as we let the guys order for us as we found a table big enough to accommodate everyone. we all got there before the huge crowd hit and were very thankful of that. here are some pics...we eat our dinner of salad and the best pastichio to ever touch my lips. the girls are enjoying it too as they play with their friends. jay went to head back for another beer and came back with...wait for it...wait for it...loukoumades (aka, greek honey donuts). so bad for you, i'm sure but it definitely made this preggo lady happy. further proof of how awesomatic they were is the picture below. notice how big the mabster's eyes got upon her first bite. yeah, nuff' said.after eating and chatting with friends, we take the girls towards the stage so that they could watch the greek dancers perform. they were mesmerized and i couldn't help but be put in a trance myself as i tried to watch and learn their steps. lastly, nothing's cuter than teaching a toddler and four year olds how to scream "OPA!!" as loud as they could. good times, good times.

show and tell

preface: so thursday, jay and i went to our first ultrasound together for baby #3. we got to listen to the heartbeat and see it jump around and do flips (seriously, that's what it looked like it was doing). baby grape (which is much bigger than a grape at this point, but we'll just keep that nickname for now) is healthy and doing well with a heart rate of 168. i'm measuring a little over 12 weeks and the 2nd trimester is almost here. yippee!!

friday marked the mabster's first "show and tell" day at school. i told her to go to her room and pick something out...she chose 5 different things. i helped her narrow them down to two, and then told her that when daddy got home, he could help her make the final decision. daddy came home and being the genius that he is, suggested to the mabster to bring our ultrasound to show to her class. she was all over it.

so the mabster brought it to school. upon picking her up at carpool, i asked her, "so what did you tell everybody?"

her words: "i told them that this was the baby in my mommy's belly. see it's five fingers? it's waving. it's the size of my finger right now. see it's head. do you think it's a boy or a girl?"

god love it. she was so proud of the picture of the baby in mommy's belly. she even told me that her teacher said that maybe after mommy has the baby, we could bring it to show and tell too. again, god love it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

tutu cute

only the cool tots wear their tutus in an empire waist style...

thursday's thoughts

1.) Just find crayons in the apple drawer of the fridge. #LifeWithAToddler

2.) It's nearly October and this fakkin' hot!? #GoodGrief

3.) RT @shitmydadsays: "You came out of your mom looking like shit. She thought you were beautiful. Don't know what scared me most, your looks or her judgment."

4.) Sucking on sour Jolly Ranchers because it numbs my urge to puke. #BiteMeMorningSickness

5.) The oldest daughter just went cuckoo for cocoa puffs while in the halloween costumes section. Result: I don't even know which one we bought.

6.) "Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." -William Thackeray

7.) My child just got caught mooning her friends... #LikeFatherLikeDaughter

8.) Cleaned out Big Bertha so I wouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed of the 5 pounds of crunched up Sun Chips on the floorboard come carpool 2moro.

9.) Q: Wanna know what my first trimester of this pregnancy has felt like? A: Being hungover & on a 24 hour deep sea fishing stint. #ShootMeNow

10.) I never thought I'd ever say this...but I'm so looking forward to Monday. #FiveHoursOfMeTime #HipHipHooray!

11.) I absolutely adore picking up my lil Lyla from school & watching her face light up the second she sees me as she says, "Momma!" #Heartmelting

12.) Wishes the 4 year old realized that we don't have to wake up early on the weekends. She must have missed the memo...

13.) Skittles: Breakfast of Champions

14.) The mabster checked out her 1st library book at school today. She chose "Fancy Nancy & the Posh Puppy." Surely, she's not wanting a pup... on a different note, she also told me that "Jesus is God's son. and He makes carpet...out of WOOD!!" #IHeartCatholicSchool #WWJD and lastly, while eating Mexican tonight, the oldest says, "Hola seƱora Botamy"...(this is her Spanish teacher at school)...#GodLoveIt

15.) RT @capricecrane: Emilio Estevez skipped the Breakfast Club reunion Monday because despite being told "don't don't don't," he forgot about them.

16.) today, i finally get to have my first ultrasound for baby grape. FINALLY. crazy how i'm only one week shy from the end of my first trimester. this pregnancy is fuh-lying! how do i feel? just depends on the day. seriously. wouldn't trade it for the world though...and knowing this is the last one makes it that much more bearable.

17.) looking ahead, in exactly 2 weeks from today we leave with the mitchelles' for VEGAS, BABY!!! KIDLESS, BABY!!! we're going in honor of mitchelle's birthday on 10-10-10 and are beyond ecstatic...can't beat those odds, right!?

18.) My favorite shows are back on tonight. Yay for Fall television!! #TheMiddle #ModernFamily. also dear #Glee, you are officially now my most favoritest show ever simply because of the addition of a filipino girl and a hawt blonde boy. #Perfection

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wordless wednesday

Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy birthday, ava!!

sunday, the mabster and i attended a "purplicious" themed birthday party for her friend ava. the party was located at MAE Dolls in crestline village at 1:30pm and it was for girls only. it was the cutest "girly paradise" i have ever seen, and the mabster enjoyed every minute of it. they got their nails painted purple, purple accessories to keep including a tiara, bracelet, ring, and lip gloss to go inside their purple purse. later the birthday girl sprinkled purple glitter in all of her friends hair and then applied make-up to everyone. did i mention that the mabster was in heaven? all things girly girl, it was perfect.later, all of the girls got to go up on stage individually and dance, make a silly face, and courtesy to the crowd. they were all giggles the whole time. they all got together for a group photo on top of the stage and then headed into the party room for cupcakes, ice cream, and candy. the girls sang happy birthday to ava, ate pounds of sugar, and then got to enjoy a ride on the carousel. lastly, everyone headed back to the stage where they all played one last game of "pin the cherry on top of the cupcake." everyone gave it a go and received a purple lollipop as a prize.

all in all, everyone had a blast and i really enjoyed watching abby giggle with her friends and have so much fun. needless to say, we didn't want the fun to end there so we all decided to walk over to La Paz for some drinks and chips. all of the girls (moms and daughters both) were really enjoying ourselves. i especially enjoyed my one-on-one time with the mabster throughout the whole day. it really ended up being an awesome mommy/daughter day of quality time spent together. i love you, mabster and happy 5th birthday, ava!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

UAB vs Troy

saturday, the blazers played troy at legion field and kick off was at 3:00pm. we arrived at the tailgate around 1:00pm where we met up with friends and family. upon arrival, tita karmie showed the girls and cousin carson their surprise early christmas gifts...their very own pair of keens. abby got a purple pair while lyla got a lime green pair and carson's were black. the kiddos absolutely love them, and tita karmie also surprised lyla with a cute little skirt in which we quickly changed her into.

this tailgate was different than the usual ones that came before it. this time, everyone has decided to do a potluck theme inside of just a couple of people cooking and supplying the food. it was perfect. there was so much to pick at throughout the entire day, and the munchkins never went hungry. one thing is funny though, it was so hot that all the guys were shotgunning the kiddos juice boxes because they were too dehydrated for beer. seriously though, it was hot. c'mon fall, where the hell are ya!? nonetheless, it was a great outing with friends. here are some pics...lastly, we love our blazers no matter what, but we all know we suck at football...always have. and that's okay with us. because in all honesty, we pretty much go just to tailgate. ends up though, that UAB took home the "W" against Troy in a nail-biting game. Gooo Blazers!! here's a tweet just to sum it up...

RT @UABathletics: In a comeback for the ages, a last-second hail mary capped one of the largest football comeback wins in school history. UAB 34, Troy 33.