Friday, September 10, 2010

AOII recruitment

this weekend, we were asked if we wanted to help out during AOIIs recruitment at UAB. woot-woot for the zeta pi chapter!! being the awesomatic alumnae that we are, of course we said we'd love to. a mass email was sent out by erin, and soon we had all agreed upon delivering and serving dinner to the active girls after their last philanthropy party around 9:30pm. we served salad (thanks auntie jess and nana lin!), dinner rolls, lasagna, dessert, and drinks.

upon walking up to the great hall, we noticed the AOII door. ummm, of course i took a picture of it, hello!? then a rho chi (i don't even know what they're called now...all i know is that when i was one, that was the title. i think it may be "recruitment counselor," but again, idk)...anywayz, a rho chi came out and asked if we wanted a picture taken in front of our door. i automatically loved that girl. we jumped on the invitation. picture taken...the young little rushees leave and we are allowed in to start setting up. it was so odd being there and looking around the room. everything felt so nostalgic...seeing the set up of scrapbooks and panda bear flair...seeing the slideshow and the door song list...seeing the girls absolutely exhausted after enduring a long was crazy. but in a good way. it made me feel old, but grateful for what that sisterhood has taught me and where i am today because of it.

we were really a close-knit tight chapter. i know women tend to be catty and back-stabbing, but we were far from it. we genuinely cared for each other and the bond that we possessed. ahh, nothing like a stroll down memory lane. then it was pointed out that we all married pi kapps. i thought that was fakkin' hilarious. seems that currently, the two are still stuck up each other's arses. good things never die, i say. LOL.

so before we left, we all took a picture in front of the AOII set up as we displayed our "alpha love" hand signal...which not to toot my own horn, but yeah, i kinda will...karla maria and i were the founding sisters of that awesome little gesture. it's nationally displayed now at every bid day, no lie, and we couldn't be any prouder. we all laughed as we busted out the "alpha love." it's been a loooong time! here are some pics...lastly, since i'm so longingly remembering the golden days of college life, i will leave you with this quote that a fellow sister posted on facebook which was stated by one of our founders...

“Of all the blessings we count over, it seems to me none is greater than the consciousness of belonging to a family of thousands of sisters."

-Stella George Stern Perry