Saturday, September 11, 2010

bham artwalk 2010

so here's the skinny before i begin...

Artwalk is an arts festival that transforms Birmingham's loft neighborhood into an arts district, featuring the work of more than 100 visual artists, live musicians, street performers, food and drink vendors, and children's activities.

The event is free to the public and in the last three years has become a much anticipated fall event drawing visitors from all over to downtown Birmingham. For the past two years, more than 10,000 people walked the streets of downtown during the two-day event.

this year was the first time we went. i remember regretting not attending last year because some friends had went and said that it was a great event. tita karmie has been before so she met up with us and together, we walked along the streets taking in the sights.we walk around and tita karmie purchases her a cute little framed picture that is fitting for her den motif, colors and all. before arriving, i told the mabster about the "kids zone" and how possibly, she'd be able to paint and do some arts-and-crafts. she was so excited and that's all she asked about (besides air conditioning), that we headed in that direction as fast as we could. thankfully, it wasn't too far from where we were. we find the white tents filled with tables of crafts and a huge canvas laid on the floor for the kiddos to paint with. both girls picked up a paintbrush and went to town. i think the funniest thing said all day was when daddy said, "don't paint your sister!" it was hilarious. we even ran into gina and rocco and had fun catching up with them about the most recent news. she told us how earlier in the day, rocco said, "cinderella is hot!" again, another fine quote for the we moved on to the table where you could make your very own shnazzy pair of glasses. the mabster made one and decorated it with buttons, felt letters, markers, etc. it turned out really cute, and i know how much my kid enjoys playing with glue so it was a win-win. after wards, we all decided to grab some lunch at Cosmo's Pizza. jay has never experience this little piece of heaven so karmie and i were glad to pop his little cosmo's cherry. i remember eating there religiously with our 5th grade BFF and her family almost 17 years ago. i couldn't believe that jay has lived in this wonderful magic city so long and yet never eaten there. result: he DEVOURED his pizza and said that it was delicious. everyone enjoyed it, and the girls enjoyed looking at the fishies before our pizzas came out. here are some the mabster likes to walk around with a handful of pennies in her pocket because she always wants to be prepared just in case there is a water fountain any where in the vicinity. everyone has their quirks, and this one is hers. so all day, all we heard was the jingling of change from her shorts' pockets. i honestly didn't think the opportunity would present itself today until tita karmie pointed out the fountain across the street in five points. umm, yeah...obviously, i had a highlighted blonde-filipino moment because it didn't even click with me that this was her chance. thanks, tita karmie! so we walk over after dinner, and both girls make their wish with a lincoln in the fountain. there was also a man with his little puppy taking a rest, and lyla went absolutely nucking futs with excitement as she pointed and ran around it in circles. oh, how my kids make me laugh...