Saturday, September 25, 2010

boudoir party

so i'm guessing "boudoir parties" are now replacing the strictly famous lingerie ones...makes sense to me. if you don't prefer a bunch of sexy lingerie you know you will never wear, at least you'll get some linens, towels, lotions, facial products, etc. so anywho, karla maria, maloney, and i drove over to katie b's house in honor of jennifer herring at 6:00pm. when we walked through the door, we were suppose to drop the pair of panties that we chose for jennifer that would make her think of us. this later became a hilarious game at the end of the night. here are some pics...we chat and catch up with everyone for the first hour, and then it was time to watch the bride-to-be open up her gifts. of course within the some raunchy, some cute, some practical gifts...there lied the "sex bible book." yeah, clearly it was the highlight of the night as everyone passed it around and laughed. the titles were the funniest though. so then jennifer opens up her gift from maloney which was a personalized zebra print snuggie. score. lastly, here's one of my tweets from that night...

At lingerie shower and got pinned for bringing the crotchless panties. Clearly, my friends don't know me well...or perhaps they do? #Hmmm

i really brought the cozy cotton polka dot panties. believe me, i would have given her a pair of awesome granny panties, but couldn't find any in her size. after having kiddos, i don't really wear that skimpy shit any more. hehe. comfort, baby!