Friday, September 24, 2010

greek food festival

friday night, we decided to head on over as a fam to the 38th annual greek food festival located downtown. i remember attending this festival as a little girl and loved watching the dancers up on stage. not to mention, the food is absolutely delectable. so we meet up with friends and family at the most perfect time. admittedly, i jumped in line with karla maria (no wait, yay!) as we let the guys order for us as we found a table big enough to accommodate everyone. we all got there before the huge crowd hit and were very thankful of that. here are some pics...we eat our dinner of salad and the best pastichio to ever touch my lips. the girls are enjoying it too as they play with their friends. jay went to head back for another beer and came back with...wait for it...wait for it...loukoumades (aka, greek honey donuts). so bad for you, i'm sure but it definitely made this preggo lady happy. further proof of how awesomatic they were is the picture below. notice how big the mabster's eyes got upon her first bite. yeah, nuff' said.after eating and chatting with friends, we take the girls towards the stage so that they could watch the greek dancers perform. they were mesmerized and i couldn't help but be put in a trance myself as i tried to watch and learn their steps. lastly, nothing's cuter than teaching a toddler and four year olds how to scream "OPA!!" as loud as they could. good times, good times.