Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy birthday, ava!!

sunday, the mabster and i attended a "purplicious" themed birthday party for her friend ava. the party was located at MAE Dolls in crestline village at 1:30pm and it was for girls only. it was the cutest "girly paradise" i have ever seen, and the mabster enjoyed every minute of it. they got their nails painted purple, purple accessories to keep including a tiara, bracelet, ring, and lip gloss to go inside their purple purse. later the birthday girl sprinkled purple glitter in all of her friends hair and then applied make-up to everyone. did i mention that the mabster was in heaven? all things girly girl, it was perfect.later, all of the girls got to go up on stage individually and dance, make a silly face, and courtesy to the crowd. they were all giggles the whole time. they all got together for a group photo on top of the stage and then headed into the party room for cupcakes, ice cream, and candy. the girls sang happy birthday to ava, ate pounds of sugar, and then got to enjoy a ride on the carousel. lastly, everyone headed back to the stage where they all played one last game of "pin the cherry on top of the cupcake." everyone gave it a go and received a purple lollipop as a prize.

all in all, everyone had a blast and i really enjoyed watching abby giggle with her friends and have so much fun. needless to say, we didn't want the fun to end there so we all decided to walk over to La Paz for some drinks and chips. all of the girls (moms and daughters both) were really enjoying ourselves. i especially enjoyed my one-on-one time with the mabster throughout the whole day. it really ended up being an awesome mommy/daughter day of quality time spent together. i love you, mabster and happy 5th birthday, ava!!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

How fun!!!! I love the girlyness of it all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Info! But I’m having some trouble trying to load your blog. :)

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