Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day at the lake

monday, we woke up to a freezing morning. all ac had been turned off and coffee was brewed. we sat outside on the front porch swing, sipping on chocolate toffee coffee and imagining i was in a log cabin in the cold rocky mountains. it was unbelievably perfect. the kids played in the soft patch of sand that lies right before you step on the walkway of the porch as the hubbies ran to pick us up some breakfast. we take our time, eat, and then head down to the lake for some swimming and cruising. it had warmed up nicely at this point. here are some pics...we continue to cruise around listening to music and daydreaming about retirement. hehe. the below picture of the house is jay and i's favorite house on the lake. i know others out there are much more extravagant and grandiose with all brick and swimming pools, but this is what we think a lakehouse should really be like...a tin roof, wrap-around porch, and enough room for the masses. isn't she beautiful? the mabster had her input on certain houses too. it was pretty funny. admittedly, she has good taste. so we cruise around and decide to stop and swim at "turtle rock." mabster kept asking where the turtles were at, but we told her that the reason they called it that is because it resembled a turtle...she was still looking for some though. we sat there on the huge rock as we watched everybody jump off from the point. when the water level is down, this thing is MASSIVE. the pictures really don't do it justice, but here they are nonetheless...overall, it was a great labor day weekend! hope you and yours enjoyed it as well!