Sunday, September 5, 2010

labor day weekend at the lake

sunday morning, we headed up to the lake for the labor day weekend. this year we decided to just keep it low key and laid back so that we could enjoy being ultra lazy with family. there's been so much rushing to and from lately that it felt awesome to take things in at a slower pace. and by a slower pace, i mean that we just sat on the boat for nearly four hours as jay drove us around while the kiddos fell asleep, and i soaked up the sun. vitamin d is a wonderful thing, ya'll. after arriving back to our dock, germ and gang were waiting for us so we all got out and swam for a bit. later, jay took me for a ride on the seadoo, and i swear my a-hole has never been so tight. HA! soon it was time to head back up in order to get ready to head over to the farmhouse where mamaw was preparing chicken and dumplins for us for dinner. i told you we wanted to be lazy...we didn't even cook! lol. here are some pics...while at mawmaw's house, the mabster helped her throw some dumplins in the pot. she absolutely loves helping out in the kitchen any chance she gets. believe me, it's all she wants to do. we eat our most favorite comfort food of all time and then later go outside to try and burn some of it off. lyla pointed to cousins adam and kim's dog that was chained up. she'd point, run to it, say "go away!" and then run back. she did this nonstop. we just laughed and laughed. the mabster rode around on uncle tre's shoulders as they went exploring together to the same big tree. shortly after, our cousins pull up and we all sat and talked outside for quite awhile. it was real fun catching up and laughing at the kids. here are some pics...