Wednesday, September 8, 2010

lyla's 1st dance class

not only was it a big day for the mabster starting her first day of preschool, but it was also lyla's day to shine at her first ever dance class. after dropping big sis off, we ran some errands before her dance class started. once we walked into the place, she was SO excited. her friend kolee-brook was also there and they both ran around like crazy until mrs. lori came out to let class begin.

at this point, i was feeling good. flashbacks of the mabster's first class came to mind, and i was praying that i wouldn't have to be one of the moms who sit in the side of the room while her screaming crying child got accustomed. because yes, i was that mom 2 years ago. it felt heart-wrenching. as a first time mother, i think it was harder on me than her. but like everything, she was no longer scared and ended up loving every second of it. but that was the mabster. because as for lyla, she showed absolutely no signs of fear from the unknown. she excitedly walked right in with her silver twinkle star and started dancing with everyone else. here are some here's where i spoke too soon. all of the little ballerinas were doing great. no tears from anyone...the mothers watching on could hardly believe it. then suddenly, two other moms who were running late rushed through, opened the door, and threw their kiddos inside. i was sitting beside the door when it opened...lyla and i quickly made eye contact and then it clicked, "wait a minute, why is my mommy sitting outside?" she runs to the slamming door...two sweet girls start crying hysterically...and then so does mine. she presses her face to the door screaming, "momma, momma!!" this go round, watching it felt painfully adorable. then, she'd stop crying, get distracted and dance, catch sight of the door, cry some more, rinse and repeat. by the end of the class, there were no more tears. my lyla walked through that door like a big girl and i gave her the biggest hug ever. i'm so proud of you, lyla...and i know the next class will be even better...and the next, and the next.i guess the more i think about it, tiredness also played a factor because this is what happened as soon as we drove out of the parking lot...i had one tuckered out little ballerina. i ran a couple of more errands and let her take a wee bit of a cat nap before it was time to pick up big sis at school for their early dismissal. i have to admit that being out and about for 5 hours straight wore me the eff out. seriously. but the whole day was totally worth it. i woke lyla up, we walked in to get big sis and big B, and they all gave each other a group hug. i love those girls...


BlessedMom said...

Your girls are getting SO big!

The being out and about all day is a regular thing around here. One of the sacrifices of Catholic school. I have to say that I get super jealous of the neighbors who walk out the door and throw their kids on a bus. It sure would make my life easier to do that!!