Monday, September 13, 2010

lyla's 1st day at MDO

jay and i decided to put lyla in MDO once a week. at first, i thought it was a great idea, but then as the days keep getting closer to dropping her off, my heart ached a bit and i secretly wanted jay to say, "okay, just keep her home." but instead, he reassurred me that if would not only be good for her, but for me. and with that, i trusted jay and we went ahead with it.

we got our sweet baby (who yes, i realize is no longer a baby, but our big girl) ready and took some pictures out on the back porch. if you notice, we are all crouching down because the mabster was our photographer. she's pretty good at it...i can't imagine why?! oh, and how cute is her matching ladybug backpack and lunchbox? simply adorable.then all of us as a family drive over to the girls' school where we walk both of them to their classrooms. the mabster was so proud to have baby sis there to encourage her on how much fun she would have. here's a picture of the sweet sisters in the parking lot before school we drop the mabster off first. she absolutely loves school, and it makes us so happy. she loves to find her own number and hang up her tote bag all by herself and then put her lunchbox up. then she enters into her classroom and waves "goodbye." augh, so proud.

shortly after, jay and i head downstairs to where lyla's room is. we meet her teacher, "mrs. lauren" and she informs us of what they will do throughout the day and asks us some questions. while i am talking to mrs. lauren, jay is holding lyla. lyla scopes out the room, spots the kitchen and tells her daddy, "play. wanna play." so jay puts her down and that's all she wrote. other kiddos with parents came into the room while lyla continued to play, we said goodbyes, and our sweet baby girl still continued to play with no tears coming down her face. ahhh, after dance class last week, i just wasn't sure how today was going to pan out, but it went swimmingly. i got five glorious hours of time to myself to do whatever my heart yearned for whether it be laundry or just sitting in peace and quiet. jay was right. this once a week thing for lyla is best for all of us. we're so proud of you, lyla bug and love you SOO incredibly much!! XOXO


*Yankee Belle* said...

I think I even shed a tear.