Thursday, September 2, 2010

meet the teacher

the mabster is moving on from MDO and now entering the wonderful world known as preschool in 4K. jay and i went to the parent meeting where we sat in the school's cafeteria and listened to her future teacher (mrs. noblitt) talk about what the year entailed. after that meeting, i don't know who was more excited about preschool or the mabster?

two days after the parent teacher meeting, we all headed to the "open house" where the mabster got to meet her teacher for the first time and play around in her new classroom. the mabster and fellow classmate (BFF big B) both found their storage cubbies as they got excited from looking through their new supplies. younger siblings (lyla and CJ) found a seat for themselves at one of the tables, and for a brief moment, they looked ready to start preschool themselves. later, the mabster sat down with daddy and started to color. overall, it was a great week that really got all of us excited about big girl school starting. it's going to be an awesome year!