Thursday, September 9, 2010

moms night out

i can't tell you how much i look forward to and desperately need a MNO every now and then. some times i think i'm just too tired to even get ready, then i'm out the door and feel like a teenager being let loose for spring break with my close friends. i don't know what i would do without them. tonight, we all had plans for dinner and drinks at P.F. Chang's. it's been over a year since we've all eaten there, and the minute my lips touched the crispy honey shrimp...i knew we decided on the best location. we talked for nearly 4 hours. the group was the perfect size to where we could all hear and participate in each other's conversations. we all laughed about our kiddos first day of school and the funny things that were said and done. to be on the same page with a group of moms and feel so comfortable knowing that you are all friends with no judgemental vices is simply wonderful.after dinner, the waitress brought out two surprise desserts for the birthday girls, lynda and laura. we even sang happy birthday to them and watched them blow out their candles. it was great, and all around a fan-freakin-tastic time. our next girls trip was discussed and the research has already been made. can't wait, ladies!!