Friday, September 24, 2010

show and tell

preface: so thursday, jay and i went to our first ultrasound together for baby #3. we got to listen to the heartbeat and see it jump around and do flips (seriously, that's what it looked like it was doing). baby grape (which is much bigger than a grape at this point, but we'll just keep that nickname for now) is healthy and doing well with a heart rate of 168. i'm measuring a little over 12 weeks and the 2nd trimester is almost here. yippee!!

friday marked the mabster's first "show and tell" day at school. i told her to go to her room and pick something out...she chose 5 different things. i helped her narrow them down to two, and then told her that when daddy got home, he could help her make the final decision. daddy came home and being the genius that he is, suggested to the mabster to bring our ultrasound to show to her class. she was all over it.

so the mabster brought it to school. upon picking her up at carpool, i asked her, "so what did you tell everybody?"

her words: "i told them that this was the baby in my mommy's belly. see it's five fingers? it's waving. it's the size of my finger right now. see it's head. do you think it's a boy or a girl?"

god love it. she was so proud of the picture of the baby in mommy's belly. she even told me that her teacher said that maybe after mommy has the baby, we could bring it to show and tell too. again, god love it.


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Love it!! That is so incredibly sweet!