Thursday, September 2, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) I belly laugh so hard when Lyla runs to the back door screaming, "Go Away!!" to the big dog. Who btw, is some times there & other times not.

2.) Sushi at Stix, (non-alcoholic) drinks (for me at least), & meet the teacher with great friends. Our babies are growing up. #Hello4K! #SeeYouSoon

3.) Just met the teacher and I don't know who's more excited about school starting next week...Me or my kid!? #SchoolIsCool

4.) Currently watching RHNJ reunion show and umm, wow...Teresa needs to simmer down now. Although it makes for a great viewing. #AbsolutelyNutso On the flip side, I want to be Caroline when I grow up.

5.) Just completed filling out the "Getting to Know Your Child" form for 4-K. How do you say politely "Occasionally won't wipe own ass?" #HeHeHe

6.) Stumbled upon the Scholastic Book Club form. Like whoa, talk about a flashback!! #LubsThisShiznit

7.) RT @anjeanettec: Gunman is holding hostages in the Discovery Channel Building! Is it too soon to make a Deadliest Catch joke?

8.) I could never get sick of watching Tosh.0 #LikeNeverEver #FakkinHilarious

9.) Sitting out on back porch for the second night in a row while eating dinner & watching the children play. All because of the hint of Fall...

10.) our UAB Blazers first football game of the season is tonight and at home. Can't wait to get my tailgate on, beyotches!

11.) RT @anjeanettec: Paris Hilton's friend says she usually hides drugs in her vagina. You know, I don't think that's the best hiding place for her...

12.) September has started off absolutely smashing! Enjoyed Open House for oldest & a spot opened up for youngest in MDO. #MommyIsEcstatic

13.) weekend plans consist of laid back football watching and our last time for lakin' it. it's all so bittersweet.

14.) my current facebook status: dear porn star girl posing with the duck face taking your own pic, no i will not accept your friendship request. absolutely not. good day.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

#5 I had the samedilemma when filling out LM paper for school ;). On another note- I am right there with ya on fall being right around the corner - my level of excitement is a little ridiculous

Elizabeth said...

Yay for FALL!!! Ah, Scholastic Book Club...that brings backs memories:)

Anonymous said...

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