Thursday, September 9, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Lyla pokes big sis in eye just so she can immediately give her a hug. Repeatedly. Abby laughs. Repeatedly. #ThisIsMyLife #SweetSisters

2.) Morning Sickness: where Mommy may spew chunks any minute now...

3.) Shockingly, I'm not surprised. We've sucked since 1996. But not at tailgating. @dgfarr: Another fall, another season of shitty UAB defense.

4.) "What I want is to make people laugh so they'll see things seriously." -William Zinsser

5.) Cleaning out the diaper bag after tonight's first Blazer home game & realizing, many flasks did Hubs bring!? #AyYiYi

6.) Fact: Hobby Lobby is to die for.

7.) what's that smell? oh's GAME DAY!!!! let the laziness of football watching commence!

8.) This weather makes me want to kiss it with an open mouth!! #HooootyHooot

9.) Have mercy! Lake, crisp weather, sun shining, boat riding, music blasting, damn good time. #HappyLaborDayWeekend

10.) RT @capricecrane: If you ever question yourself, your life choices, your sanity...just watch an episode of Hoarders and you'll be all good.

11.) Sitting on front porch swing sipping on chocolate toffee coffee & imagining I'm at a log cabin in the cold Rocky Mountains. #HelloNature

12.) Welcome back, routine! The mabster started dance class today (which btw, she has four other classmates in there with her. hooray for the OLS corner!) & then we ate some ice cream. Gymnastics in a few & maybe nap in between? #WishfulThinking

13.) Every where I look outside, it makes me want to bust out singing: "Butterfly in the sky, i can go twice as high..." #YoureSingingItNowToo #ButterflysEverywhere

14.) Today I am pleading for the following: a nap, a massage, phenergan, Tylenol, & a stiff drink. In no particular order. Thx my "Baby Grape."

15.) dear surging hormones of whom which have provided me w/ endless headaches, exhaustion, morning sickness, & tears from cheesy love songs...let's try to be a little nicer from here on out, k? on the flip side, i'd like to thank the Hubs for picking up where i have slacked off. his laundry, dishes, & grooming our girls' hair capabilities have been nothing short of amazing. i'm a lucky gal...hormonal, pregnant, & all. :D

16.) RT @capricecrane: "EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian New Naked Photos Released." What's left to see? Is it her colonoscopy?