Thursday, September 16, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) My Lyla can scale walls, furniture, & everything inbetween like no one's business. & she has the battle scars to prove it. I love that kid.

2.) Doing laundry...and I can see my floors!!! #OhMyAllah

3.) RT @anjeanettec: Reports show most of Gen Y can't identify Colonel Sanders. But don't worry, we ALL know who Snooki is.

4.) RT @capricecrane: Love & prayers to all who lost friends & family on 9/11 and eternal gratitude to the brave rescue men & women who gave their lives to help.

5.) Walked through my door to an empty kidless house and screamed, "Wooohooo!!" I hardly know what to do with myself. #TooExcitedToEvenSleep

6.) Progress Report: the youngest had a great 1st day in MDO which makes for one relieved Mommy. Now we sit & wait in carpool for big sis...

7.) Every time the 2 year old says "chips," I think she is saying, "shit." And it makes me snicker to myself. #MomGuilt

8.) After a week of my productivity being less than par, Mommy finally got her groove back. #SmallVictories

9.) Two things are constant every morning: Lyla wakes up saying, "Eat!" while Abby gives me a descriptive story of her dream from night before.

10.) Yesterday I bought a whole bag of pretzels. Today? It's nearly empty. #KiddosAreInhalingThem

11.) RT @funnyordie: Text messages are like Gremlins. Keep them away from drinks and proceed with caution after midnight.

12.) My 4 year old talks NON.STOP. I don't even know where she finds the time to stop for air? #MommyNeedsAMuzzle

13.) RT@PAT4CCR: My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. -Mark Twain

14.) Two words: Cherry Limeade. One more word: Divine.

15.) My right wrist is painfully hurting this morning. And no, I'm not blaming it as a shake weight injury. Although that would be funny.

16.) You know it's been a long time for the lunch bunch to hit up Sabor when we walk through door & they ask, "Where have y'all been?" #LoveIt. Funniest damn thing I've heard all day: In the words of @Mommatootoo "Some days I don't want to be divorced, but rather a widow."

17.) Today a fellow mom at dance class warned us that head lice is going around. once the mabster got home, I opened her folder and received the dreaded letter that it hit our school too. #EveryMothersWorstNightmare #TwitchingWithParanoia

18.) Nothing is as ridiculously cute as a bunch of 2 year olds in tutus.